Wednesday, 2 November 2016

It's so long since I have posted !!

"Deeper then ever plummet sounded"
My celebration of Shakespeare's final
speech in 'The Tempest'
All my supportive and lovely readers may wonder what has happened to me, though I know that many follow my other blogs and daily Facebook postings. Trauma does ease, with time, though not easily. I have found solace in tending my acre of garden, though lack of strength is now hampering that. Fifteen months on, and I can report that I am still the 'wild somerset child' of the past, and have spent much of my time re-inventing myself and becoming "me".

I have attended many workshops, read voraciously, experimented with what I can do, hosted my own open-studio event and have finally - as of last month - started to revamp the house to suit an alternative way of life. And I've started creating a new style of stitched work (paper and fabric panels) which are currently on show at a gallery in West Yorkshire. Becoming me with a vengeance!

A book to own and enjoy if you love textile projects based on
the natural history you can discover all around you

One of my greatest joys has been the opportunity to be tutored by the amazing Anne Kelly - her gentle encouragement has helped my mental commitment to actually finishing pieces of work, which was never my strong point and has led over the years to a very cluttered house full of unfinished pieces. And all this coincided with the publications of Ann's new book 'TEXTILE NATURE' published  this summer by Batsford. Anne's calm and gifted approach shines throughout the varied chapters - she encourages the most innovative work from all who come in contact with her. 'Textile Nature' fits perfectly into my new life.
"Independent Minded Women":
embroidery mounted onto canvas -
created by Anne Kelly to express some
thoughts on her family history, by recycling
a piece made by her grandmother.

The whole concept encompasses the natural world - the basis for creativity, bringing the outside into an indoor workspace. As is apparent in Anne’s teaching, suggested approaches to creating a new textile piece in many formats are paramount, giving the reader freedom to adopt whatever approach best suits their chosen topic. Copious examples are given, not only of Anne’s delicious work, but of many contributors, professional and amateur. How fortunate I am that our paths crossed; just when I most needed support from afar.  

A collage put together digitally of some of Ann's other work
depicted in her enthralling book.
Every chapter is different: 'Textile Nature' has become my new stitching bible, and I cannot see myself looking back. I have my studio-workshop my garden and places I am still able to visit, sketchbook and camera in hand. Click this link to purchase a copy


  1. How lovely to hear from you again, and know that you are coping with the hand life has given you. It sounds like inspiration has truly come your way when you met Anne Kelly and I think her book will be going on my Christmas Wish List. I loved your tribute to Shakespeare and look forward to seeing more of your projects. ((HUGS))

  2. What a treat to attend one of Anne Kelly's workshops. Enjoy being the 'new' you.

  3. Good to see a new post and your lovely art.