Saturday, 29 March 2014

My New Online Diary

I've been absent from this, the first of all my blogs ever to have been created, and am currently exploring new online techniques. The content of the next two 'pages' describe what I have today decided to create - an occasional online journal. Technology is for ever-changing and as yet, I have to discover where and how I will actually publish it online. So for the moment, the first two pages appear below, and my apologies if you can't read it very well. It's good to be back in my  'wild somerset child' mode.

Any comments or suggestions will be most welcome. Thankyou. Ann xx


  1. Looking forward to see more posts such as this one (no difficulties in reading it!)
    Happy Mum's Day and enjoy the garden,

  2. So good to see you posting again Ann and I love the format of this notebook.

  3. Ann, it's always such a treat to visit your blog...