Sunday, 3 June 2012

Day of Days

Please double-click if the text is too small to read as it stands. How glad I am to be alive and to have experienced this day. Even the TV buffoons could not spoil it, though there were gems from experienced commentators. If you watched it on the small screen, you will know what I mean; if you didn't, the afternoon was spectacular; and if you were there, you have helped make history.


  1. I stopped for a while throughout the morning, with tea and rolls here to watch your Highness's pageant and jubilee celebration. I found it, wonderful and beautiful and very historic.
    I was so glad I have BBC America to watch, I am so glad I could share in your celebrations.
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. It was a lovely weekend, so many sights to see in every locality.Nice piece of writing.

  3. Lovely poem.
    I said the very same thing - that I was happy to be alive to see this wonderful celebration.

  4. How lovely to capture the atmosphere and the history of last weekend`s Jubilee in your own words.

    We had some memorable events in our village which brought all the community together, so a great weekend in the country as well as at the centre of things in London.

  5. "Liquid history on the very spine of London" - what a great line! Liked your poem a good deal, really captured a mood of the day for an outsider like me. Yes, you really do know how to celebrate over there!