Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Blogging whilst working

Oh the things I had planned to do on this 'holiday'! Though of course it isn't - and never was - intended as a holiday, but a working 'press familiarisation visit' to Germany. It isn't even over yet, but we (Raymond and I) are skiving today to catch up on other work, to do some of the things we planned, and haven't had the time to do, in a schedule packed with guided tours and information-gathering outings. Each day has been an 8.30-ish start until we fall into bed at 23.00hrs, sometimes later as I filed copy into the small hours. So we have had to 'live with the moment', taking photos through the coach windscreen (though it would have been unfair on our fellow travellers if we had hogged the front seat overmuch). Our images have been more atmospheric than publishable; quick clicks of the shutter to capture shape and colour for later reference.

So this will be a short post. If you are interested in a little more, please visit my Journaling the Journal blog where I have posted some of my journal pages of sketches and notes. That activity has been a personal delight, for sketching has never been my forte, but doing so on this trip has eased my tired brain whilst we have been experiencing all the guided tours that have been so generously laid on for us. Indeed, the whole trip has been sponsored by so many organisations within the German tourist industry, with the support of companies involved in the caravan and motorhome world. (For readers who wonder what is the significance of the cartouche on the left, it is a symbol I created to indicate that more on a topic can be found on one of my other blogs by following the link / links.

Spent the whole day on the idyllic campsite (Lech Camping) where we have been for the last week. So restful when we are here; fantastic facilities and lovely people. Take a look at their website; when online, click on the UK version. Tomorrow, we are heading with the motorhome to the Rhine, very long drive for us.

P.S. I think something odd may have happened to the layout; more likely Blogger is playing up again; I'll have to fix it when we get home.

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  1. Safe journey home to you both. Sounds like you have had a wonderful trip, but as you said, it's been tiring too.