Sunday, 27 May 2012

Life changes ....


Ramblings: Pivotal to all that I do are many things: my husband (since 1958), our three distant children and their respective spouses, and our nine beautiful 8-18 year-old grandchildren. And daily, our rambling home and rambling garden. Separate to all that is my commissioned work, and my personal writing (my word-whispers, poem-spills, diaries and illustrated journals; and increasingly important to me, my mixed-media 'art'. The latter is my release, my escape into myself - I feel a physical and mental itch if I cannot find even a few minutes every day to 'create'.

Self-seeded wildlings in the orchard: cow parsley and honesty colonise
the space around a fallen 120-year-old apple tree
And late at night, another escape: blogs, emails and Facebook. My dear far-flung online acquaintances are very special to me, as our my few 'on-the-ground' real friends. For I am not, and never have been, a social person. I find crowds and gatherings intimidating, and guess it is a selfishness in me; or an early upbringing that taught me self-reliance and  perseverance, regardless of surroundings.

with my beloved grandfather
(me, age about eight)
I rabbit on. We, Raymond and I, enter a new phase in our lives. I relish a complete day to work unhindered yet inevitably punctuate it with the caring and sharing of a relationship many years in the making. And if I am to come to the point ... I weave into this mix so many threads, past, present and future. My memory pulses and fades; childhood is in brilliant focus, yet I forget what I blogged about last week, or even yesterday. I have so much I still want to say, to share - a mountain of writing stashed away, scribbled over the years  on sheaves of paper and in numerous sundry notebooks: on divers topics - garden and landscape, travel and art, history and birdsong.  But time is running out as the brain cells fuse and the fog thickens and clears.

whenever you see this cartouche
there will be a link in the paragraph
alongside to more of my news
So pinning it all together - have I introduced this already? - is this 'cartouche'. Whenever you see it, it will link to one of my other blogs for a web of related news and information, a catalogue of events, books and up-to-the minute news. Please click the links - like any jigsaw, the pieces fit together; the whole picture is one of many parts. Please comment, share links, I'd love it if you felt you were a part of my wheel, of my mind-mapping journey. here's an example: click HERE to take you to news of the Olympic Torch route and the National Parks, a calendar of where the torch-bearers will be on any particular day.

It is late, I am writing in the garden. The daisies fold their petals towards the night, all is silent Save for the evening birdsong, and the setting sun is but a month off midsummer. As for us, we are off on continental travels ..... 


  1. I can relate to so much in this post: the joys of [almost] solitude; the need to create in words and fabrics and gardens, if only for my own sense of enjoyment and accomplishment; the need for time to be shared with family and friends; the energy expended on the mundane but necessary daily things.
    And running through it all, that suddenly looming sense that I am, indeed, running out of strength and years with so much left unfinished.

  2. Ann, it was a delight 'visiting' with you! Your posts brings many memories of Malvern Hills (our niece still lives in Longdon) but what I appreciate mostly is your open heart and mind! Thank you for sharing what is in your heart.
    A warm hello from the Pacific NW coastline from a couple of Ex-Pats.
    Are you still working on a project about the different Malvern Hills trails (a map?)?

  3. Have a wonderful Summer, Anne. I know that the older I get, the more I can see what really matters most to me. xxx

  4. I know exactly what you mean about still having so much to share and pass on; the important thing, though, is that you actually have it down in writing, stashed away as you say. If it never reaches a computer screen, it will still be there for all eternity for others to read and be inspired by - that's the important bit.


  5. Enjoy your holiday Ann, and set down some more wonderful memories. I have assembled all the components for my first journal, but getting it started is another matter!