Saturday, 30 April 2011

A Day of History

Preparing for the tea party on the village green - a sharing and caring meal; standing room only by the time everyone had arrived, out of our houses, from village and hamlet, catching up with neighbours and friends we had not seen all winter.

A Loving Cup: as we left, each household was given a commemorative 'royal wedding' terracotta mug, made especially for the occasion by the village pottery. I still have a similar one celebrating the Millennium; much cherished, for that was another day in history - another celebration, another year.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Letting Go

Something very significant happened to me last weekend - the beginning of a slicing away of my life and possessions. Something so simple, the gift of three marbles to a grandson (one of nine grandchildren) - he reached double figures and not thinking of gifts, swam 5K (three-plus miles) for a Cancer Relief charity. 

He showed me a pottery dish he had made at school to hold his marble collection, and I recalled how many times he had lovingly fingered much of the ephemera in our old house that I have collected over the years. Three marbles? Shot-silk miniature glass globes that sat on the cluttered kitchen dresser. I cannot even recall where or why I bought them. I loved them, but it's time to start letting go. Time to stop hoarding.

I wrapped them individually in tissue paper, and put them in a little bag. But my simple gift was as nothing compared to that made for him by his grandfather. Raymond has made (and I do not have a photo) the most exquisite seven-drawer miniature marquetry cabinet to hold D's swimming medals. That was a true gift of love for a little boy, hours in the making; my marbles pale into insignificance.