Saturday, 1 October 2011

The sun is still shining ...

motorhomes and caravans continued to arrive all day, yet in no way do we feel 'cramped' - so much space surrounds each outfit - and what a view
It is the most amazing feeling to be somewhere you love being, with work to do and yet somehow not the same pressure; here below the long line of the Malvern Hills (where we were only a week ago, also working) time slows. Usually when we are away in the caravan or motorhome, we cannot ever relax - deadlines loom, the clock ticks, words must be written and photographs taken. It's become second nature to both of us to capture the moment; something we may not need for months to come - text and images that must be pulled from the well of experiences. All must be catalogued and annotated.

Almost ready for delivery - each car is personalised to the requirements of the owner-to-be, from start to finish
Yesterday was different. We visited the Morgan car factory - a 2-hour tour that anyone can take, but this was organised by TCAS as part of the 'Escape to the Hills' weekend. What always fascinates me when on such an outing is looking behind the scenes, the organisation, the attention to detail in so many aspects of a company. This post will not be a 'write-up' of Morgan - a British-owned, family-run firm since 1905, every beautiful car put together by hand, skilled workforce using hand-tools - just a gallery of the snapshots I was able to take as we walked from one dedicated workshop to another. I won't even caption the photos, for I cannot pretend to understand the technical aspects; hopefully such shots as I was able to take will speak for themselves. Words fail me for once - though I could research it if I needed to; most of the time I couldn't hear the tour guide anyway, for I lagged behind aiming for photos that showed the workmanship and not the backs of strangers!

A group of strangers, with one purpose - a tour of the Morgan Car factory

An Edwardian advertising photo, seen in the Morgan Museum (I probably should not have snapped this, but thought it was so beautiful, taken on the common near the factory, and with the highest point in the Hills in the background)
Our day ended with steak and salad by candlelight, sitting outside in the dark, stars above and an owl hooting (amazing, 30th September and so warm) - and I had spent a WHOLE AFTERNOON working on my 'Malvern Map Trail' - a mixed media words and images collage about which I will post as it progresses.
In my element - an old map, crayons, collage components, paints - and time


  1. Oh the Morgan three wheeler! Many years ago, in my teens, an acquaintance owned one (not new by any means) and I was honoured with a lift home in it. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. What a lovely thing - to have precious time to enjoy this area that you love so much. Can't wait to see the finished "map".