Sunday, 11 September 2011

Just Words - Remembering

I will never forget
the day
the world changed

Such evil, such hatred
So much hurt
and anguish
Even for those of us
who could only
watch, open-mouthed
in disbelief

Never forget
what happened
on that day
The shattering of life
the fortitude of so many

And can the human race
ever replace hatred
and mindless violence
with everlasting love?

asm 11th September 2011

I wrote about this terrible and tragic event in my journal, the day it happened, and am reminded of it every time I see the iconic New York skyline in photos or on TV, bereft of so much more than buildings. In a way, that gaping hole brings home even more sharply the loss of so many people, and the affect it had on countless others all around the world. I wrote about it in the first year of my blog here. Then I baked a friendship cake; today I will whisper words to myself as I make cupcakes to a new recipe. I will never forget, a scene imprinted in my mind forever. Rest in peace.


  1. I echo every word of that Ann. I was horrified at the time and naive enough to think, where did they steal those EMPTY planes from? Then the truth sunk in . . .

  2. a thoughtful poem. I too have put my memories on my blog today.
    Leanne x

  3. Indeed a day that touched us all, Ann. It is important that we remember and share these things. Sending love. xx

  4. Your words are so strong and speak volumes.

    The thing that stays in my mind from that terrible day was when two ladies came up to me in tears ....grabbed my hand and said 'We are so sorry .... we are not all bad ...they were so wicked ...please do not blame us all.'

  5. I read your post from 2009 and thought your idea of the friendship cake was so remarkably appropriate. Only that, the love and friendship for humanity, can counteract the wicked.

  6. Very strong words touching at the heart of the tragedy that toppled us all like sticks in the wind. I am always amazed at the strong effect it had on people from other countries. I think it brought us together in a horrible but touching way.

  7. Really strong words touching at the heart so beautifully written!

    Love your page!