Saturday, 6 August 2011

Friday evening idyll ?? No chance!

Quiet, on the terrace, 
we sit reading.

the strident cacophony 
of dogs suddenly barking
in next door's garden,
others beyond the orchard;
and yet more distant
poor-pampered beasts
from the village half a mile away.

It irks my ears, actually hurts,
such a yapping and a clammering
as yet more set up their baying
as if they need to drown
the still of the evening
in perpetual attention-seeking noise.

My ears by now disturbed,
attuned to sound
and not the sight of words,
I sense the whirr of pigeons' wings
hear the high hum of an aircraft engine
the slamming of a car door
the mindless thump of 'music'
from the village pub.

"But break, my heart"
for where is silence
and a place for contemplative thought?


  1. Ann thank you for that the words took me to a quiet place in my soul and I was there in the countryside in spirit if not in person. The words so soothing after having a migraine yesterday which sent me to my bed early.

    Thank you



  2. Oh Pattypan, I do hope your migraine is better this morning; just too awful for you. And if my words soothe, I am so glad. A.

  3. I am lots better Ann and indeed your words did soothe. They took me to another place, but that is what words are for in any event. I am afraid I am a country girl at heart having been born in a village and always away from the city. Nowadays though you have to be where your work is until you find a better solution. Still work in progress. Hope you are keeping well.



  4. sometimes it is so quiet here that i would welcome a bit of sounds. but you are right when one becomes attuned to sound, vs quiet reading, one hears more sounds, sounds we usually block out. even here in the boonies.

  5. Thank you, Ann, for these wonderful words. It is so true that we are constantly bombarded with 'noise'. It is wonderful when we can find a quiet spot. Hoping that you can find yours.

  6. Ah....the village Dog Chorus! We have one here, which includes my two Border Collies I`m afraid. One dog, somewhere in the village, barks in agitation. The message passes on across field, lane and garden, until the whole of village canine society is ready and waiting. Forewarned and in no mood to let a stranger to pass by.

    Your words are so good at conveying that irritation with the noises of modern life. Sometimes it is hard to filter out the background noise and hear the birds sing or the leaves rustling on the trees.

  7. The only quiet we have here on the farm is late at night, after the cicadas have stopped chirping. During the day,there is no such thing as peace, even here in the country. The sheep, the goats, the geese,ducks and chickens, and all manner of wildlife keep up a steady conversation for all to hear. It thrills me to no end! And is far better than the "mindless thump of music" from that pub. But in our town, it would be blasting out of the nearest car at a stop light.