Sunday, 26 June 2011

Three Down and One to Go

three- quarters into today's stint: struggling yet determined 
An update on KFM's fund-raising 'cross-channel' swim. This evening, she completed her third leg; another 5.5 miles (352 lengths in 2 hours 34 minutes and 15 secs, beating her time for the previous two lengths). We were even more proud of her this evening, for by the third and hardest quarter, when she knew she still had so far to swim, she was alone in the pool, swimming up and down, up and down, up and down. She had set herself the challenge of beating her previous times but had set out at too fast a pace, and she was flagging. The only allowable 'pit stop' was to drink water, and off again. We were amazed at her self-discipline to proceed - the loneliness of the long-distance swimmer; close to tears at times, but determination conquered aching limbs. We were also initiated by her mother (our daughter) into the science and maths involved in self-pacing, counting strokes, knowing when to push the speed; and still - with no-one to watch but us and her parents (and swimming tutor who taught her to swim age six) - she broke into butterfly again for the last length. She admitted she had the strategy wrong and will work on it for the final stretch on Tuesday 5th July. 

her smile says it all - final 5.5 miles is on Tuesday 5th July
And from Grandma (me) thankyou to everyone who has sent K. a message of support: I printed them out and they are pinned to her 'Go for it K' display board. She is so grateful.


  1. An incredible achievement! Wishing K all the very best for the next leg of her swimming challenge.

  2. Thankyou so much, Dartford Warbler; comments mean so much to her and I'll print this one for her message board. I won't see her for a week now as she's swimming in Cardiff (competition) this next weekend; that will be a challenge of a different kind. Ann.

  3. What a brilliant achievement of your granddaughter! I can imagine the joy she gives you by not giving up even after being tired and having hurting limbs!
    I wish her good luck when she she is going to swim in Cardiff.

  4. It somehow so very encouraging for me to read this granddaughter story. Her determination and discipline encourages me at 64 years old. Our best future is with young people with her mind set.

    Bravo, well done, and best wishes!

    Thank you, for sharing.

  5. Someone in Portland, Oregon USA thinks K is a very remarkable young woman. Its about a lot more than just swimming, all the determination and pacing and goal setting and will to succeed that are involved.
    My daughter is a long distance runner and marathoner and I am truly appreciative of those who can make it over the long-haul. That inner stamina is such a life strength. Congratulations!

  6. And, congrats to the support team that are there to appreciate her effort and keep her spirits up. You get some of the credit, too.

  7. Thankyou, all of you. I appreciate your support for K - I will print and post them to her so she has them BEFORE her final swim; I know they will give her much encouragement. Ann.