Sunday, 15 May 2011

End of a fabulous weekend

build a simple wooden frame around recycled containers and you have a beautiful raised bed
What was remarkable this year was the number of exhibitors focusing on vegetables to grow in small spaces. For vegetables to feature at all at the Spring Show is unusual - there were additionally many examples of recycling; ideas that could be copied by any gardener.

grafted tomato plants and salads featured as part of the 'Five a Day Feast'
Equally fascinating was Suttons 'Five a Day Feast', demonstrating that all sorts of  containers can be used for growing vegetables and salads, be they retro or modern, conventional or whacky. It's the resulting produce that counts; and it was also a joy to see so many children working in the area that featured school gardens.

And so my self-imposed Blogathon ends; quite why I had this mad idea before coming to Malvern I cannot think. Four blogs, 16 posts and 32 photos (I think). It's been fun - had it not been for the CRASH of the blogger system - and I've just noticed that when it was restored, some of the photos upon which I had been working have been truncated. I must sort that.


  1. Ann, I've enjoyed your Malvern posts and photos!
    May I have permission to share your container photo on my blog and link back to you?

    Many thanks,

    Jackie K.

  2. A great series of posts, Ann. I have enjoyed reading them all!

  3. Jackie, you should have had my email - I;ll check for your reply in the morning;

    Laurie, thanks for the comments - on all the blogs. Glad you enjoyed them.

  4. The "Five a Day Feast" salad bed looks quite mouth watering. It is good to hear that people are being encouraged to grow their own food again. I am almost ready to harvest the first batch of salad leaves. A small beginning, but you can`t beat the sense of achievement that comes with the first home grown produce of the year.

    Thank you for your interesting posts on the Malvern Show.

  5. Great posts - very inspiring. Having taken apart an old wooden bed at the weekend, I'm tempted to reuse the wood for garden containers!

  6. ah lovely - I watched it on Gardener's World. I'm saving my Malvern trip for the quilt festival this weekend!!

  7. Hi Ann and good to see you again in Malvern. It's my favourite show too. I came home with quite a lot so need to get out there and plant!

  8. HI, WONDERFUL ideas for raised garden beds...I am discovering I need to change how I garden if I want to continue doing so. ENJOY your blogs so MUCH!

  9. I love seeing garden in all kinds of containers. Love these photos!

    I quoted you on WORDS on my blog

    happy day!