Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Blogathon - I must be crazy!

final preparation day: tomorrow will see the showground teeming; people come and go, but the hills are everlasting
Regular long-term readers of this blog will know of my love-affair with Malvern - not just the hills, but the Shows we attend: work and pleasure all rolled into one. We are here once more: this time it's the 'RHS Malvern Spring Gardening Show' and we've arrived a day early, are staying on-site; our caravan is parked within spitting distance (almost) of the Malverns, and right now we are drinking a glass of wine, a pizza is cooking, Raymond is reading an advance copy of the catalogue and I am thinking that four days is not sufficient to see all there is to see. And what will we buy this year? Last year it was an apple tree (and a whole lot else!)

in progress: stages of preparation - by tomorrow morning, this feast for the eyes will be immaculate - you should see the tomatoes!
So, I plan to blog every day of the Show - on all four of my blogs: quite a 'blogathon' in fact. That is if the showground WiFi is cooperative. Each blog post (there should be sixteen in all) will be different; my blogs all interact, so if you want to follow my 'Malvern Trail', please click from one blog to another. 


  1. Hope it is a good show Ann and that you find those special plants to bring home. Look forward to your daily posts and in a beautiful part of the country to boot. Take care and don't forget to enjoy yourself too


  2. I am envious Ann, but having had my holiday this year (see blog!) I shall have to enjoy this vicariously, via your blogs . . . Have fun.

  3. Lovley to see a blog form you and I shall be following your little journey as well,take care.

  4. Lush greens and yellow bright make this garden beautiful. It will be spectacular, I know, when it is completed.

    Have fun.


  5. Good grief - that's a proper blogathon! Good luck with it - shall read with interest as I can't make the show myself. Hope the weather is kind for you.

  6. I am really looking forward to reading your posts, Ann. Good luck!