Thursday, 12 May 2011

All the world's a stage

Such a simple stage-setting, perfect for a gardening show; understated- yet so effective
How much of gardening is theatre? A dream: a stage upon which we paint with plants, colour, texture, architecture; a wish to escape, as in a play. That's for the onlookers. For those involved in 'the garden' as a profession - in whatever capacity - it is our life blood; be we nurserymen, designers, writers, photographers, film-makers or equipment suppliers (and a whole lot else). The 'Malvern Spring Gardening Show' brings all these aspects together like no other - for a start, it has the perfect theatrical setting: the backdrop and magic of the hills. We travel from far and wide, drawn to such events, whether starting our first mini-garden - not sure what to do or how to do it; or with a lifetime of experience behind us, in one capacity or another.

Today (the first day of the Show) was no exception. This and my other blogs will reveal over the coming few days the many aspects that intrigued me. But as my background so long ago was theatre, let me begin there: With four highly respected authors - each a practitioner in his or her own field; coming together to tell us about there most recent books; briefly talking to James Alexander-Sinclair were Neil Lucas, Noel Kingsbury and Jekka McVicar. Time was too short, we had barely reached Act One when the session ended (an open-plan stage, so no proscenium curtain, but the opportunity to buy books and talk to the authors). Or in my case to dash to Jekka's display of herbs.

Hot foot from theatre to Jekka's herb display
P.S. This post is part of my four-day 'Malvern Blogathon' - click on my other blogs to see what else intrigued me today ... I'm writing the posts at this very moment so bear with me, please.


  1. How lovely,wish we could have all come along with you, in Canberra (10)hours from us they have a Floriard each year and i think it is similar but have never had the luxury of going,I am enjoying the blog very much,thankyou,if only the smells of the herbs could come through!

  2. I'm just loving that you're there, giving us all details of the show - wish I could be seeing everything myself, but this must be next very best thing! Thanks.

  3. What a time for Blogger to crash. Welcome back, Ann! Great report.