Monday, 13 December 2010

Phasanius colchicus

terrible pic - read on, and you'll see why!

look very closely: you can just spot a disappearing tail

This pheasant-tale is but an interlude in all that has been happening here in this old and crumbling house. So much to tell, from the bursting of the 40-year old boiler and it's replacement which took Raymond a whole month for one reason and another (but that's another story). And then my laptop has been 'playing-up'. Cannot get internet access reliably in the evening, which is when I catch up with blogging and bloggers. Without the camaraderie of posts, I feel bereft and lost; and so tonight am sitting late in my office (the new heating's gone off now) wrapped in a fleecy-white dressing gown typing away on the G4. I'll make cocoa in a moment and return to read what I have been missing. The radio is on in the bedroom next door so I know R. is almost asleep.


  1. I like the "spill" of words which describe the pheasant. Birds are SO difficult to catch with a camera.
    I do wonder why so many of us seem to have our desk-top computers lodged in the chilliest spot in the house [?]

  2. I swear I can't see that tail but I know he must have been beautiful the way you describe his colors.

  3. We have a pheasant too.
    I hope your Internet is soon back for you.
    Keep warm!

  4. Shaky or not I am always up for a pheasant sighting. Bless you.

    Hoping your computer steps up to give you the needed connection with the blog world.


  5. Aren't pheasants beautiful? Even if you didn't get the picture you wanted, you got to see him! Hope the house is warm and the computer working!

  6. Have just discovered your blogs and am enchanted. Loved hearing about the bell ringing in the "down-sizing" post. One of my fondest memories of a 2006 trip to England was hearing change ringing one Saturday morning in Salisbury. Truly magical.

  7. Just before I came here, I was at the Cat Musings blog and she was writing about pheasants! Only they were fighting, so I didn't read on. A coward I am. Too fond of birds and animals to be able to take it. :<) I think nighttime is a busier time in general on the internet, and I wonder if the morning might give you a better connection. But what do I know? Really hardly anything about the technical side of computers.