Monday, 29 November 2010

More frost than snow - as yet

I've not been able to access the internet on this laptop for days now, which stops me from reading other people's lovely blogs and leaving comments, or writing my own (I just don't have time during the day; it's an evening activity and one to which I so look forward). Suddenly I can get on-line and up popped one of my earlier posts, with a snowy pic; so I copied it! Lazy I know but by the time I rush upstairs, access my photos in the unheated 'office' - once a child's bedroom, and come back downstairs, the connection may have disappeared.

So all I can say for now is I hope the cold and snow is not causing you problems (UK readers), unseasonal as it it. Minus 9C is not really so cold - we're used to it, so long as the electric blanket does not fail and we can get to the hens to feed and water them. The 'up' side is lack of traffic roaring past the house, which is bliss, and like the old days, when snow-drifts used to block the roads and reach high above the road signs. We would walk our daughter the three miles to school, where luckily she could stay overnight until the lanes were cleared by snow-plough, so we only had to do it the once! That was, let me see, early 1980s.

We haven't had snow here yet, just icy winds from the north-east and frozen locks which R. decided to thaw with a blow-torch! It's forecast for tomorrow. We've chopped up blocks of eucalyptus from the one felled in the summer (still a little green), bits of oak offcuts from the door frames R. is making for our daughter and son-in-law, and a dead apple tree from the orchard; but hopefully we will have the new oil-boiler commissioned on Friday. It's been a month since we started looking for a new one and installation has been tricky as all the pipework R. used in the 70s for the original, now defunct boiler, was of course still imperial and now we are metric and nothing quite 'matched'. He's done a wonderful job and fortunately, until this week, the weather was kind.

It's a good time for working indoors, or catching up on research, hence this pile of books (another replacement pic). Sorry.

Herbs are my passion, but this research isn't all work; I am planning a fabric 'herbarium' and have been doing so for some time.

P.S. I think I need to change the blog heading to something more wintry; the birds have eaten all the elder berries! In fact I took a photo of golden leaves on a silver birch all ready or a late-Autumn heading, but the branches are now bare. Lovely though; I may try them instead.


  1. I LOVE your pics, whether you took them recently or not! Stay warm and enjoy the quiet, and how fun to delve into all those books!

    happy day!

  2. Just a sprinkly here in Glasters but a bitter NE wind yesterday. I got all my books out of storage at the weekend, so they are piled up all round the house, but I am so happy to see them :D

  3. We've been very lucky with the snow: just enough to make the old building I work in look beautiful, not enough to make the journey in a tricky one. Fingers crossed it carries on like this!

  4. Hello my friend...where have the days gone, I have been so busy with all the work and knitting...I am having a snow day with polly the fire is lit, I have finished my GCSE marking and now I am knitting a lovely red cashmere hat to go with my new coat which is the new love of my life....I have also covered lots of little boxes with paper mache made from pages from a very old dilapidated book...I am delighted with the results...I hope you are well and keeping warm...its ever so cold here...

  5. Please don't replace the header. I like it! A lot. Hope the winter treats you well. Looks frosty indeed.

  6. I hope all went well with the new boiler, not a time to do without one!

    You are right, everything does slow down and we have time to focus on the essentials.

    Yes, it is the Owl and The Pussycat on my desk, it is a commission for Long Barn Books. stay warm.

  7. Well Ann you will certainly have had snow by now and lots of it no doult! Down here in Plymouth we have escaped the chaos that the rest of the country has endured with only 1 day of snow - I had a rather magical trip down to St Ives - Cornwall had transformed to Narnia! Hope you are keeping warm - I will await your icy header!!

  8. Hi Ann - thanks for your comments. I'm not sure if you will have had much snow or not. I am enjoying the feeling of hibernation and of not having to go out, and that is what i was trying to convey. I certainly don't remember such deep snow, so early and for so long before. Chatting to a neighbour today and she recalled 1963 as being the last time the snow was so deep. But next year, when we will be really dependent on our own resources, we will have learned a lot from this experience. xx

  9. Alas winter is once again upon us.
    I trust that you are snug and warm and can look at the hoarfrost on the window with wonder.