Friday, 10 September 2010

I cannot believe this !

This will be  a short post, for we have only just arrived back from a working trip to Kent and are exhausted after driving with the caravan on the M25; took us four hours to get home and only three to drive down there on Tuesday - but then that was between one and four o'clock in the morning! But that is not the purpose of this post, to bemoan the traffic, but to say a most enormous THANKYOU to all who have stuck with me since I began this 'wild somerset child' blog back in January 2009. 

For I switched on the computer and discovered that I now have 100 'followers' to this wild blog. I am so very grateful to all who read and leave me comments from time to time. You keep me focussed when I am having a 'grey' day, which has happened all too often of late. I remember my first hesitant post and wondered whether anyone would ever read it, and whether anyone would get in touch. And you have, from so many corners of the world.

I wondered what photo would best show my feelings - should it be one taken whilst in Kent? Some flowers? Trees? Birds? And then I remembered the cheeky little chappy I snapped in the trial garden of Suttons Seeds at Hadlow College, taken on Wednesday after we had attended the most wonderful press presentation of new varieties to be launched next year. The words on his little body just seem to say it all - from the seed sown by my first post, my blog has grown and I have gained such friendship. Thankyou to you all.

And for those who aren't particularly enamoured of baby scarecrows, here's a shot I took from the top of the tower at Igtham Mote only yesterday. I love this medieval manor house (dates back to 1320) though it was a tad too busy for my liking and I had to go and sit quietly in the courtyard, which revitalised me, though the wooden seat was distinctly damp! Raymond was taking 'proper' photos for the travel article we were engaged upon, whilst I spent most of my time snapping tree bark and stone walls to turn into fabric backgrounds for my little textile books. Eventually, whatever I create will appear on my journaling blog. For now, I reflect on the true nature of friendship, and wonder whether there is any possibility of my reaching as many years as I now have followers. Somehow I think not - I still have over a quarter of a century to go. My thoughts turn to tomorrow's date and particularly dear bloggers in America.

taken from the turreted tower, after climbing the spiral staircase


  1. Welcome back,I love it when it shows up on my dashboard that you have blogged and have arrived safe from another journey.The scarecrow is a sweetie,I saw many when i visited over there on allotments and liked them so much we have a bedraggled one in our vegie patch.It is a sad day for he Americans and many other countries as workers were from scatered all over the world.It is also mu husbands birthday so all of a sudde no one forgets ,he is 63 years today and told me this morning he is still only a boy lol well we all know all men are just lkittle boys. So lovely to have you back,you are a joy to follow. Carole

  2. Congratulations on your 100 followers. I love blogland!

  3. Good to have you back!50 years to go? Easy!With your activities and interests that brain isn't going to atrophy is it? Sutons eh? That brings back memories.

  4. Thank you Ann for your email.
    I followed your blog from Bovey Belle. I love Britian and Wales. My ancestors hail from Britian and Scotland.
    I love your countryside and the beautiful villages and the air of the life all of you lead, I am so jealous. Love the photos and blog land in general, I have met so very many people through out the world.
    Thank you again.
    Vicki in the US from the state of Nebraska

  5. love the little scarecrow

  6. Hi Ann - good to see you back and well. Thanks for dropping by. We have moved, but are back down until next week, sorting some things out. As of tomorrow we are officially bureaucratically recognised crofters,so no doubt my posts will be full of fencing and drainage pictures :) xx

  7. What a very delightful house.

    Congratulations on your centenary, I know what you mean about cheering up a grey day, my sentiments exactly.

  8. A lovely scarecrow. I made a scarecrow fairy with my little girl this summer. She does nto scare them away though, they still managed to eat all of the spinach and kale. Congratulations on reaching 101 followers xJ

  9. It's been a real pleasure to follow you Ann - congrats on reaching 100!