Friday, 24 September 2010

Back at Malvern

Autumn squash and the epitome of a garden harvest

According to my classification of what I blog about, this post should by rights appear on my gardening blog. But that is in such a state of disarray, is languishing (or rather sulking) for lack of attention, and I am ashamed of it. So for the moment I'll continue to revisit Malvern under my wild child umbrella. It's the RHS Autumn Show (Sat 25th and Sun 26th) - billed as both 'a celebration of nature's harvest' and the 'autumn food and gardening show'. We arrived on site early this afternoon with motorhome and a bitterly cold northerly wind. At the Spring Show it rained and was also cold (it was the Spring Show that prompted me to start a gardening blog); today no rain but grey skies which are not conducive to good photography! WiFi press pass obtained and an advance copy of the show catalogue which I will read cover to cover this evening, the better to know where I am headed tomorrow, I make straight for the 'Good life Pavilion'. There's so much to cover.

It was good to bump into friends and acquaintances, particularly Claire Potter and Paul Hervey-Brookes, who are so much a part of my Malvern experience. Claire is not exhibiting at this show (and it's a long way from Brighton), but Paul is, and has created the most beautiful 'Living Landscape' focal point in the pavilion, alongside a number of other edible gardens. More tomorrow when I've studied the catalogue and talked to some of the designers.

the concept behind Paul's living landscape is subtle and fascinating - my photo does not do it justice

Right now I need a cup of tea with toasted teacakes, and some 'journal spilling' on papers I prepared at home late last night; autumnal colours all ready for pasting in my own vegetable and fruit harvest and adding words which will also spill out as the evening advances.

Taken in the motorhome cab (my away-from-home studio) - and this should be posted on my journaling blog, but isn't. I'd better attend to that, as well! Take a look, if you will - I have now done so, courtesy of a good generator to power lights and laptop.

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  1. The photo of the squash and pumpkins is the epitome of autumn harvest. Living and traveling in New England for many years, I loved the roadside stands--usually apples, fresh cider, pumpkins and squash.
    Sadly both plantings of our squash were killed by vine borers this year. The nasty beasties are apparently the bane of gardens in the south.
    I had so looked forward to a harvest.