Saturday, 28 August 2010

Oh what have I done! ???

It's been nearly two months since I posted on my 'Wild Somerset Child' blog - sorry for our enforced absence. But I was beginning to think that the template I used when I started blogging was very 'old hat'. So I played around a bit with new templates and don't particularly like all the ones with which I have experimented this evening; and now can't get back to where I was!

We've been working non-stop, though I have been playing at journaling of one sort and another in odd moments; not posting, not communicating, and now when I do .... my mind is a total blank. And the only photo I can find to post is one we took as a 'signature' for some of the magazine features we produce where a 'portrait' is needed. This was taken with a cable release in the middle of a wood on a photoshoot for an article set in south Cambridgeshire. The two of us (Raymond and I) had to appear together; moments before Raymond pressed the shutter release, I got the giggles; I hope Ray has moved that image into the trash.

Hey ho! We've been traveling and traveling and are off again almost immediately to Northern Ireland, then in the next few weeks to Kent, Dorset and Malvern, after which I hope to settle down to housework (actually not that) and also sorting out whatever I have done to this blog. 

Thankyou meanwhile to all who have hung in with me when there was nothing new to read about, and thankyou, too, to all new readers who have come on board despite the two-month's lapse in posts.

Hope to be back with you all soon.


  1. got it! No worries! Glad to know you're okay...sometimes we need time off...
    You two look wonderful in this picture!

  2. Glad to see you posting again and I will look forward to more. Your words and projects are always inspiring.
    By the way, I'm pleased when a book I'm reading has a photo of the author.

  3. How ovely to see your blog back, I have missed you and keep looking. Lovlet pic and look forward to hearing more of your daily life. Carole

  4. I like your photo, it is nice to see a new post from you. Great to hear that you are busy too.

  5. Hi Ann - how lovely to see a photo of you both - I can empathise with you _ I too have been messing about with templates etc and dealing with summer visitors and all that the summer shift brings - longing for mid Sept and back to normality (whatever that is!!) - I am sure we will all catch up with each other as Autumn approaches - welcome back

  6. So busy and so nice of you to give us several days. It was wonderful. Thanks!

  7. Hi Ann!You're not alone . . .I managed to completely delete one blog and alter the other beyond recognition!
    So pleased that you're busy and I'm looking forward to hearing about your travels.x

  8. Dear Ann,

    Live always has other things in mind for us. With all my blogs, I have been moving at a snails pace, especially since I launched a new blog. If you wish some assistance with getting back to the older templates let me know, I can help.

    It is nice to see the two of you together in a photo.

    Wishing you both al the best,