Sunday, 6 June 2010

Wonders of Modern Technology

I am in limbo for a couple of hours; afloat on the Irish Sea between Holyhead and Dublin, and able to blog courtesy of free WiFi on the 'Stena Adventurer'. The sea is as calm as the proverbial millpond; the sun has broken through the haze and we are looking forward to our  'Irish Rhapsody'.

The map above should have been posted on my Journaling blog, for I created it for the title page of the travel journal I am making whilst we are in Ireland with the Caravan Writers' Guild. The map was printed on tracing paper and stitched over a scan of an old sheet of music. I won't go into the technicalities of how it will be integrated into the page - that's for Journaling the Journal; but it will be similar to the last post on journaling at Malvern. I'll post about Ireland again whenever I have WiFi access. Right now I am waiting to catch my first glimpse of the Irish coast and Dublin's 'fair city'.


  1. Hello,so glad that all is well with you and will watch your post with interst,enjoy ireland a wonderful plcae.Carole

  2. sounds like an exciting adventure. love the map.

  3. Just stopped by from the where bloggers create party? Show looks great. Have a great week.

  4. oh I would love to try thst it looks lovely, hope you had a fab and hugs H