Thursday, 17 June 2010

Back at Malvern

Retained from the Malvern Spring Garden Show - the symbolic
25th Anniversary Garden

Home from our Irish visit (over 1,000 miles by car and coach - and sea), we had a one-day turn-around and hit the road again early this morning, headed once more for the Malvern Showground. This time it's for the 'Three Counties Show' - the "best of British food, farming and rural life" and now one of the largest agricultural shows in the country, particularly since the demise of 'The Royal'. All Malvern shows are business generators, helping to boost the rural economy, within the three counties of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire, though visitors are drawn from far and wide. Evidently the annual regional impact of Showground activity amounts to a staggering £35m.

Build-up to the Show

I've managed to obtain a preview copy of the Show Catalogue - the Show doesn't actually start until tomrrow (Friday) and runs until Sunday. Raymond is out and about taking pics of the final build-up whilst I sit in the quiet press room with wi-fi facility. If I remember to bring all my gear with me, I will endeavour to update you on the main attractions, for with fine weather forecast for all three days, I can see we will be enjoying ourselves, as well as working.

Better still of course - if you are sufficiently local - is to come along and see for yourself. Opening hours each day are from 8.00am until 6.00pm. There are gardens to view even though the show is not devoted to gardening: the 25th Anniversary Garden has been retained, but also the Morgan-sponsored garden (Morgan being local to Malvern). I am sure Raymond still hankers after his own sportscar - the one he owned when we both met, 53 years ago this summer; it was a 1932 Aston Martin Le Mans, and he swapped it for me! Or at least he sold it so we could afford to get married.

Also retained from the Spring - the Morgan Garden

Tomorrow, we anticipate a long day; so much to see and do: regional food and drink, parades in the main arena, hot air balloons, Red Devils parachuting; the farming village; country sports and pursuits; country living, including 'Ambridge' for BBC Archers fans - which takes me back to student days when we were taught 'broacasting' by the original Carol Tregorren (1954-1957); arts and crafts; medieval village; and innumerable breeds of livestock.

Awaiting visitors, with the stunning backdrop of the Malvern Hills

And as 'Goodwood' will be here again selling their delicious mouthwatering burgers, guess where I will be heading for lunch tomorrow ?!! (see post of 8th May, 2010).

I could not close without posting this lovely shot of alliums that Raymond took for me in the 25th Anniversary Garden (see top pic also), because a) he rarely takes such shots without me asking him, and b) it's unusual that he knew what they were!


  1. I hope we will get to hear more about caravaning in Ireland when you get a chance to catch your breath.

  2. Got to have some alliums like these. Mine bloom and are gone so fast and not nearly as large as these. Oh, I've got the cravings!

  3. Allium blossoms are intriguing. I've been monitoring those of the garlic which are here in big clumps. They start with little papery caps and take several days to reach the full blown round heads.
    This sounds like the sort of "fair" I would enjoy.

  4. What a busy life you have.

    I love your Alliums, your husband sounds a bit like mine!

  5. Hello Ann:

    I'm so happy to have stumbled on your site, and am enjoying reading your notes. I emigrated from Northern Ireland with my family in the fifties and only made it back to Ireland again in 2006. I will visit again, if that's all right with you, to read more of your travel stories...


  6. Oh I read your comment on Weaver's blog and came to the conclusion that you are interested in a printer too? Mine is on its way - thanks to weaver! If you get one we can experiment together! lol!

  7. What a perfect day and I do love purple Alliums.x

  8. What a wonderful time you have been having, sorry I have been away, so busy (see last post) my love as always to you and Raymond...