Thursday, 6 May 2010

Malvern Spring Show

the Malvern Hills (just a part of the chain) on a brighter day than it is today

We're back here in the lee of the beautiful hills - I'm sitting in the cab of the motor-home as I type this, and hoping that my one-hour WiFi token will allow me to post what I write. It's been a really hectic two days (one on the final set-up day, and then today which is Day One of the Show).

A delightful spot in designer Deb's garden - I need to check her details and will put link to them when I am not against the clock for internet time

I will now try to post this, and if it works, will write a 'day one' report on my new gardening blog (and thankyou to those who have already posted a comment on that.)


  1. It all looks so tranquil. You are fortunate to be able to savour it.

  2. eh luv, greetings to ya then. Well, I never guessed anyone actually lived in the town where one of my favorite castles in the world is. I grew up between the US and Sheffield, so I VERY much appreciate your lovely blog. Your photos of your adventures are fantastic. Thank you for sharing your adventures and I look forward to returning again to see where you are off too.

    take care luv,