Saturday, 8 May 2010

Malvern Day Three

eating is just as important as buying seeds and gardening sundries

Another 'Goodwood' moment: long-term readers of this, my 'wild' blog, may recall our visits to Goodwood to prepare features on the estate's farm and its produce. So it was with some surprise - and delight - when wandering around the Malvern Show this morning that we spotted the livery of the Goodwood Burger Bar.

not Goodwood - but MALVERN

Essential that we sampled what I had previously written about, so a burger - which I normally do not like - it had to be for lunch. Even the baps were delicious, and as for the succulent beef, reared in the pastures on rolling downland near the Sussex coast, well that was truly something. Fueled with the comfort of food inside me, we are ready for a further foray around the shopping area of the showground. It's still cold, and still raining - yet our spirits are as high as ever. I'll post again this evening, my gardening news for the third day, once more on my new gardening blog. (And 'hello' to Rosie - 'a rambling rose' - who has asked me to say 'hello' to Malvern for her; the town where she grew up. Rosie, the rain is sweeping in from the north, with low cloud brushing the hilltops as I write; it's still quite beautiful and awe-inspiring.)


  1. You've made my mouth water!

  2. I must say I was rather shocked to see you tucking into a burger Anne but all has now been revealed ......

  3. Its ok eating burgers in the interest of research. I thought it might be a Gourmet Grills from Tom Archer!

  4. Gosh, you can make a mundane burger sound wonderful...
    wish we had some rain....
    take care