Sunday, 25 April 2010

Something of nothing

random photo no 1: at Dover's Hill a week ago; I loved the image of this part of the hill apparently crowned with trees. Raymond photographs me standing way down at the bottom (a long climb back up).

To my horror, I see it is very nearly a month since I last posted. I know I said I would be taking a break but did not think it would be for so long - and now time is compressing and there are not enough days to complete the list of tasks that have to be accomplished before I absent myself again. And oh, how I miss these quiet mornings when I sit in bed, mug of tea in hand and look out over the distant wood, which this morning is vaguely misty after the first rain we have had for weeks.

random photo no 2: at Malvern photographing a part of the Perry Pears collection.

I love this 'my time' when I can catch up with my favourite blogs, laptop on my knee, my husband working through yet another crossword (sometimes asking me the answer to a botanical clue). So it felt like old times to log in just now and start writing. Raymond said I was pacing around like a caged lion and asked me what the matter was. "Nothing," I replied - I was just collecting the laptop - which I had remembered to re-charge last night - and my camera for I have photos to post not yet downloaded, and the card-reader to download them.

random photo no 3: I can't resist the patterns made by bare tree branches - here's one of the perry pears just coming into flower.

Indeed, many has been the time over the last four weeks that I have on my daily travels taken photos and thought, "I will blog about that," but by the evening I was too tired and anyway try to limit the number of hours I stare into a computer screen. So the moment passes. Even my diary only lists what I have managed to do the previous day; not my usual 'morning pages'. Moments have been captured in my silly sort of poetry, but even that takes time to type in, convert to pdf and then to jpg in order to post it.

random photo no 4: build-up taken on Friday of one of the show gardens at Malvern which particularly intrigued me; fascinating to see how these gardens come together.

There have been no quiet morning moments - just a falling out of bed to continue the long list of happenings: work, meetings, emails arranging meetings, traveling, magazine photography; family visits and the garden which bit by bit is being transformed for this years photoshoots. We are late with our veg but - excuse - the soil was just too cold and nothing was growing. There have been odd instances when I have been able to stitch and slather a little paint. One day, I sat at my new machine and could not remember how to switch it on! But my little practice sampler is complete and I am working on another (posted the rough mock-up in my other blog on Tuesday 4th March) - all the little pages are progressing.

random photo no 5: scan of my quilting sampler, using rejects of image transfers so as I could check the stitches I would use - it's rather faint and blurry (would have been better had I photographed it, but at least you can't see the poor workmanship!

So rather than rabbit on about this and that, I will post a few pics at random between paragraphs and hope my dear followers will understand. Next week will see us at Malvern covering the Spring Gardening Show, and that is always magic, and more so this year for I do not know where the trail will lead and about what I will write, until we arrive and set up our 'studio'.

random photo no 6: Muchelney Abbey where we were two weeks ago, working on an article on the Somerset Levels for a caravanning magazine.

Truly this post has been 'something of nothing', but I have been thinking of you all and know I have been missing so many blogging treats in my absence. Blogging again this morning has been the equivalent for me of a pianist's five-finger exercises, limbering up, getting oneself in gear for the day ahead. In a half hour I will be in 'the office', computer switched on - an article deadline approaches and the long hours of this soft Sunday stretch ahead. My fingers will touch the keys, I will stare at a blank screen, write my first sentence, more words (2,000) will follow ... and I must remember that at the end of the afternoon I need to prepare us an evening meal. I'll be back with more posts but not sure when.