Monday, 2 November 2009

November, Blogging Friends and a Birthday Gift

"Only a single leaf left * on our tree on the Green * as the rain beats hard  against the window * and the wind howls. * Now the bare tree, * all its Autumn glory gone, * enters the deep sleep  of winter, * and we wish we could, too. * No chance!"

I normally associate November with cold, freezing fog - and it may well come to that - but as of this moment, I am in buoyant mood, looking forward to a raft of activities, and back over the last two weeks of pure holiday (the first for many years). Week one, on the idyllic Shropshire/Welsh border .....

along the upper reaches of the River Teme - Wales to the right of the bridge, and to the left, England (Shropshire)

..... and week two, messing around at home. with the added treat of meeting a blogging friend. I hope that dear Cocoa & Blankets, Mr B and sweet, Sweet P enjoyed meeting us as much as we loved greeting them in our chaotic home.

Raymond slices bread for my lovely blog friends

The previous few days I surprised myself by actually completing a stitched gift for the birthday of one of our grand-daughters. This is just one of the pages I made of a little keepsake; and for those who have become used to my 'Poetry Monday' postings, it incorporates one of the poems I wrote for darling eleven-year old K. The rest of this keepsake will appear later this week on my journaling blog.
Click on the photo above if you cannot read the text at this size

And now back to work, house and garden improvements and some small measure of personal 'creativity', which began by searching for some old fabric in the roof-space to edge the pages of my next fabric book.


  1. We too have lost many leaves from our tress and there are still more to fall naturally or be plucked by a sharp wind.

    Right now we are experiencing an increase in temperatures but i am hoping for rain to come soon.

    I like the stone bridge and the fact that it separates two nations by a stream and the photograph in many ways idyllic and the location would make a nice painting.

    Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week,

  2. I love your journal, I am sure it will become a treasured heirloom.

  3. A lovely photo of the bridge - makes me want to explore.

    The loaf of bread in your photo has made my hands itch to get a cottage loaf on the go (perhaps a cheesey one for a change).

    As for your present for your grand-daughter - it is beautiful. How/where do you print the words onto fabric please?

  4. We drove onto Exmoor yesterday and the beech trees were still hugging many of their leaves in the more sheltered places. It often happens that the wind and rain strips the trees while many of the leaves of are still green and you have to act quickly to catch that moment of autumn glory. I am really pleased that you enjoyed your holiday. It does everyone the power of good, I think, to have a break.

  5. What a beautiful gift Anne - the stitching is exquisite. I was catching up with your blog this morning and James came along and loved your photo of the River Teme. I enlarged it for him and he sat for ages moving it around a looking at "the water" xx

  6. Having seen the gift in the flesh I know how beautiful it is...look at the family lambert tucking into that lovely tea...yum and hugs H

  7. I do very much like the gift for your granddaughter. And I have had some lovely experiences meeting fellow bloggers, without exception great people!

  8. How lovely to see you together. I live much nearer to Helen but we don't seem to have been able to get together yet.

  9. What a beautiful journal page - I have just been reading through your other posts, thoroughly enjoyable, I am always delighted to find another lovely blog to follow.