Sunday, 22 November 2009

Blowing My Own Trumpet

a fabric angel with trumpet and banner, cut from printed muslin and applied to a scrap of furnishing fabric

Sometimes such serendipity occurs in my life that I have to stop and take a deep breath - just in case such a moment does not come my way again. What with the de-cluttering (to make room for more clutter! - to create space for personal uninterrupted art); making a fabric keepsake and actually completing it, on time; and the long dark evenings when I can plan the changes needed in the garden to meet my 2010 deadlines: there is hardly time to take stock let alone breathe.

Serendipity this time crept up on me unawares. Ten years after 'retiring' our joint publishing business - and deciding one month later to pursue a new, freelance, writing career, I am thrilled to have three articles appearing in different magazines in one month; all just published in December issues. As any writer will I am sure confirm, it's not easy, launching yourself as a writer: you have to be creative and simultaneously 'sell yourself', wear two hats. It was only as each magazine dropped into the letter box that I realised the significance: three in one month. 

I loved working on them all, and Ray took all the accompanying photos: 'Ludlow & The Shropshire Hills - a Taste of the Good Life' for 'Practical Caravan' magazine; a short review of the edible garden competition at Malvern in 'Kitchen Garden' and a four-page review in 'Grow it!' of all the aspects of productive vegetable growing which so caught my fancy at the same RHS Malvern Autumn Show (a celebration of nature's harvest). 

the first page of my four-page review on the the RHS Malvern Autumm Show which has just been published in the December issue of  'Grow it!' magazine. Click on the image to see it at a larger size.

Housework, Gardening, Travel, Writing and Art-Making often collide, with each clamouring for attention, not to mention family, and my dear husband without whom my life would stumble. I so often watch Raymond painstakingly making immaculate dovetails in the exquisite furniture he makes in his own spare time, and trust that somehow I likewise can harmonise my own activities. Then there just might be more moments of serendipity. "The trumpet shall sound!" - again - but right now I have the excitement of combining art and writing: a ten-month project making a hand-made garden journal and subsequently writing an article to encourage readers to create their own. Follow its story in my other blog, Journaling the Journal; it begins in my post of Saturday 21st November.


  1. How exciting!! You have every right to blow your horn.

  2. Congratulations on the success of being published not once but three times in one month which is an achievement not easily overcome.

    I can only hope that should i reach your age in twelve years to be so lucky to be active in the garden, while also behind the computer.

    Thank you for sharing and all the best to you,

  3. Well done you - and I think you have every right to be proud of your achievements. My husband and yours have much in common as he is currently restoring a Victorian pitch pine book case in his workshop - or rather, making a replacement door for same.

  4. Congratulations! I am so excited for you. I went to the links and the magazines look great.

  5. You rock Ann. Way to go. You deserve it!

  6. You do lovely work in such a variety of mediums. While I don't make a living by being creative, I struggle for the time and energy to write and to make quilts, as well as to read and appreciate what others are doing. Somehow it has to almost balance with work, my husband's small business, meals....we have to wear many hats all at once.

  7. Indeed.. such is an experience of serendipity! Many congratulations on being published.. I would be proud too :)

  8. Congratulations to you on your triple play!

    The angel applique picture is very appropriate. I wish you continued creativity and success in reaching wide audiences.


  9. Hello Anne
    I really wonder how you have any spare time to do anything at all - every time we meet you are rushing around! Congratulations on the three articles - they are wonderful and thank you for the very complimentary mentions!
    Hope to see you soon!
    Claire Potter

  10. Congratulations! A real achievement to have three articles published in one month. I shall enjoy browsing in the newsagents tomorrow and will treat myself to one of the garden magazines.

  11. How exciting...oh I would love to be a writer, childrens books..congratulations...looking forward to seeing the and hugs from Yorkshire....

  12. Wow are detailed and to the point while whetting the appetite for more, more...grow it yes, yes. However, if unable to have your own garden, share in articles with beautiful photography and informative words of praise.

    Talent and determination you have in abundance.