Monday, 12 October 2009

Poetry Monday

what is poetry?

I have been visiting blogs that were new to me in my spare moments this last week and one blog thread led to another and I found some fascinating posts that inspired and intrigued me. One such a week ago was The Weaver of Grass (I liked the name) and I discovered that it was 'Poetry Monday'; she had posted a poem and, without knowing the rules, I posted a comment which was an off-the-cuff poetic response; or so I hoped. 

So it was a complete surprise when Weaver emailed me to say she loved it. She suggested I contact TFE who runs 'The Poetry Bus' and he has invited to me to come aboard. The rules are that he posts a theme; you have a week to write and post and he circulates all the other 'passengers'. Well, the first assignment is either to watch a film (I don't have time), or to read a set poem by Sylvia Plath, and write one in response. That smacks to me too much like the analysis I did in VIth form in the 1950s and anyway the one I sent Weaver was based on Plath's "not waving but drowning". It led me to realise that I don't write in a calculated and unstructured way - all my 'verse', be it blank or rhymed, happens - of itself, without help from me, other than to write it down and tidy it up. I always was contrary and still bend the rules! 

But I so wanted to participate, so, whenever I can, I will write spontaneously on a Monday morning to challenge myself; and if I can't, will try to post one of my 'poetry happenings'. They tend to be littered within both my blogs anyway. They won't always be written that very morning, but one that did not labour to be born. My first offering, because it happens to be typed already rather than scribbled on a bit of paper, was the subject of a post on 11th September, but the poem itself was not included. It is now; click on it to enlarge the text:

the post that refers to this was dated September 11th and titled 'Friendship'


  1. A meditation we should all reflect on, Ann. Final question so telling. Thank you.

  2. Where, indeed? Sometimes I fear that the love went up in acrid smoke - but I know there is more to be found, and I suspect that the creative community is one place to find it.

    I'm so glad you've come aboard. Your blogs (both of them) are fascinating.

  3. a moving poem. an interesting envisioning of the horror of that day.

    hate to be "picky" and sure you know anyway but it was Stevie Smith who wrote the poem "not waving but drowning." Not Plath. There is a wonderful movie starring Glenda Jackson about Stevie's life. Also, at one time I owned a bk of her poems. May still have it in a box somewhere.

    Plath is also a favorite and have read many of her poems, plus "The Bell Jar" a novel. Recently there was a film about her life with Gweneth Paltrow.

  4. I am in awe of anyone who writes poetry and I have to say that yours dated Sept. 11th is very powerful and very emotional-- WOW

  5. And still it goes on!The war to end all wars? History repeating itself over and over and as you say, the one solution, the only solution,Love
    conspicuous by it's absence.A great poem well done and thanks ye!And don't worry there are no constrictions on The Poetry Bus.The hints are merely that, hints.They are the first step on a journey of a thousand miles in any direction you want to go.They are just the catalyst, put the spark to make fire of what you like.You can of course write about the photo,the poem ,the film,but the idea is to find an inspiration or mood from them then write a poem,paint a picture, punch the bank manager-whatever.Welcome aboard!

  6. During my twenties and thirties, I wrote a lot of poetry, as well as lyrics and music. But since my guitars were stolen, that part of my life seemed to have come to an end. The guitars were like my children and I do think often about them.

    I have tried to write and sometimes I did manage a few lines here and there. I actually miss writing poetry, but it cannot be forced, it has to flow.

    I am glad that you are able to contemplate and write verse.

    I too find the title 'The Weaver of Grass' wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing

  7. And still it goes on, and indeed, where is the love? What a hard experience to live through, what a hard experience to convey. You have managed to do it well.

  8. Your poetry brings me back, quickly, to the saddest of days not only for us here in the US, but I believe for the whole world. The collective grief was palpable. Thank you for sharing your work.

  9. I think TAWU should write a poem about having his guitars stolen and realising what they meant to him. Welcome to the bus

  10. thanks for sharing the poem, war and terrorism will always be with us sadly...

  11. Yes, I second that about the last line being so "telling." Good on you for joining the poetry group. You will fit in well. - jeanne

  12. I am sorry that I havent visited recently Anne, work and teenage borthdays have taken over and now we are down with this awful cold that knocks you out...hope you and yours are H