Monday, 19 October 2009

Aviation Sunday / Poetry Monday

First, I must thank everyone who commented on my last post and apologise for not responding individually (and 'hello' to my latest dear follower, Dori). It's been a hectic week, as usual, but the week ended (or began, depending on where you put Sunday in your calendar) with a lovely gentle day: a fly-in Raymond and I had organised for members of the LFA - lawyers and their families or friends. Whilst I stood on the chilly airfield, waiting to greet them and later to say goodbye, my poem for Monday 'happened'. So as it describes the magic of the day far better than a straightforward description, I will offer it here. It was also my birthday; a lovely way to celebrate.

Click on the poem to enlarge the text if it is too small to read as it stands. And now I am taking a break for a while - I need to recuperate for one reason and another and plan to spend my time journaling and making mixed media art. See you all again soon.


  1. Lovely, lovely fly-in poem, Ann.

    And Happy Birthday, as well!!
    (mine happens to be tomorrow)

  2. Hope you had a great birthday-judging by the lovely poem ,you did!

  3. Congratulations on opening a new chapter in your life and to celebrate it amidst man made wings of flight, there is some unique symbolism in all of this.

    Your verse is lovely too.

    Enjoy the week

  4. I like your poem and the way it captures your day. Our town's tiny airport hosts a "Fly-in" every September and we sometimes go to watch the small planes maneuver, many of them refurbished vintage models.

  5. a wonderful poem - and happy birthday - mine is the 17th, so all the best people are Librans!
    take care - Claire

  6. thank you do much for your offer- you are so kind.... but we need to be back in leeds on thursday evening...we will look at the map and see if we could break our journey with a cup of tea with you...I would love to meet you...the signal is not good here...hope this H