Saturday, 1 August 2009

A new month - and writing again

Variegated Myrtle - Luma (myrtus) 'Glanleam Gold'

I wake suddenly realising it is the first of August. I feel revitalised and can't think why. It can't be the rain streaming down the window - yet more wet in this soggy summer. It must be that yesterday I cleaned all of the upstairs of the house! I am not a cleaner, a very poor housewife, and need a reason to clear clutter and lift a duster. Well I have one: my dear friend Kristin Steiner from South Carolina is coming to stay for a few days with her husband at the end of her week teaching at Oxford Summer School. We will sit and talk textiles and journals and all the things I love which have escaped me this summer. Pure therapy.

Today I clean downstairs and tackle some baking. I have found things I had mislaid; I have completed my latest piece of promo literature which Raymond is now typesetting for me; I have work in hand again; I have even begun to 'see' again - to notice little things. And for the first time for ages felt the urge to write spontaneously (a 'poetry moment') - not very good because I am out of practice. What I wrote (yesterday morning) relates to the picture above. It is as if I have been blinkered for the last two months.

"Down in the 'salad garden'
the myrtle is in flower
in celadon-blue pots
on the small terrace.
Sweet-scented white blossoms
amidst gold-green leaves;
Buds like tiny beads
waiting to unfold into
delicate, subtle blooms.
Such joy so early in the morning."

This myrtle is not as hardy here as it is claimed to be; the frost nipped it back in March and I had to clip the two bushes hard, back to undamaged growth. Maybe that did it good; the flowers are a bonus - will the rain turn them brown, as happens to so many white flowers? flowers. In theory, it should produce purple-black berries come the Autumn. Wait and see.


  1. I agree that the first day of a month always seems fresh and full of promise. This has been a mighty strange summer for many folks, and I surely hope that August will bring great beauty and bounty to your garden, and opportunties to you.

    It's great to see you writing again.

  2. Lovely to read this Ann - I hope you have a lovely time with your friends - I am a bit fed up of all this sogginess too - perhaps August will bring some sunshine

  3. I am glad you feel energized by the new month and I enjoyed the poem very much.

  4. Oh, I hope your August joy continues. So good to feel reinvigorated. The white flowers in your photo are lovely. And they smell good? True joy! - Jeanne in Oregon

  5. I know the wet weather has got everyone in England down, but we had a great time in spite of it. Thank you Ann for your and Raymond's hospitality. What a grand time we had!

  6. Hello lovely friend we are back from our travels...Sky and Mull were amazing...hope the sun is shining on you...the slugs have played havoc while we were away...all my lupins are little stumps

  7. I hope you have been enjoying August. I have shot myself in the foot over not being able to change my email addy on Blogger and now I can't get into my blog (it won't recognize me as Bovey Belle any more) so I have had to start another one: I hope you will come and visit sometimes.

  8. Lovely poem, Anne. Glad you are writing again.

  9. What a lovely lady you sound ,I wonder if you would like to meet some like minded people collecting on Somerset ? you sound so interesting we have the most amazing venue and just want to organize a get together

  10. Thankyou to everyone who has commented, and my apologies for not emailing everyone a personal response. Work, and activities associated with it, has been manic and I have been ill. Hope to be posting again soon. Ann.