Saturday, 13 June 2009

Now where did I put my mobile phone?

oh deary me !!

We were rushing to pack the motorhome for our six days stint at the Malvern Spring Gardening Show - not just such things as clothes, bedding, food and water (including baking a cake and bread) , but notebooks, cameras, tripods, laptops, printer, photographic paper, generator, mobile phone and charger, etc. It's always manic; everything has to be checked off or we find we are missing some vital lead or connector without which 'the system' will not work.

It happened just over a month ago, Wednesday 6th May. I also had to fix meetings, make phone calls between the packing. At 9.50am I put my hand in my pocket - no phone. Had I packed it already? Unlikely. Where in my rushing around had I put it down, for it accompanies me everywhere. I had made a call at 9.10; what had I done with it in those intervening 40 minutes? First I searched the house, my mind a complete blank. I checked the greenhouse. I remembered rushing outside to say hello to a friend who was passing the house with her new baby; had I dropped it on the pavement? 

Then we started phoning the mobile number from the house phone, Raymond sat dialling continuously, thus delaying our going-away preparations, whilst I went to every part of this three-storey house, and all areas of the garden. No joy. We tried again in the evening to see if the pulsing light glowed anywhere, indicating an incoming call. We were due to leave next morning, and that phone is vital when I'm away; indeed its the one I use all the time as it has all my numbers stored in it and the house phone is inaccessible from the garden or much of indoors.

Next morning, after a somewhat fitful night wondering what had happened in those 40 minutes, I dash the twenty mile round trip into town to the 'Orange' shop. They could sell me another phone but not right there and then as they were stocktaking! Frustration. I drive home past our daughter's farm and borrow our son-in-law's mobile for the time we are to be away. End of story, or so I thought. Until yesterday, when I walked down the garden to pick salad for lunch and see on the grass the missing phone's outer trim lying on the grass. I had lost the wretched thing over a month ago and here suddenly was a part of it, staring me in the face. And then I noticed a bit of circuit board, and another, and other bits, lying in the area my husband had scythed to clear ground for a new bit of veg garden. Not only had he scythed it, he had mowed it with the mulch-mower. That was between Malvern and the Llangollen Gardening Show from which we have just returned.

How the phone had fallen into the dense undergrowth I will never know, nor what I had been doing in the missing moments when I should have been packing. I have a new mobile, now, and have become paranoid about losing it. The onset of dementia maybe; I put the teapot in the fridge the other day!

I have not been blogging for a while. For one reason and another, life here and away is more than usually hectic this year, but I will post on both my blogs whenever I can, with updates also on my website. I'm working on my online garden diary and farmhouse recipe pages in my spare time.


  1. Well, it won't ring any more now, will it??

    Wretched things always seem to slip out of my pocket when I bend down - however did we manage without them? :o

  2. Llangollen Gardening Show?Is that a new name for the Llangollen Horticultural Show? If it is there is a cup that is called the 'Dennis Claybrook Cup' that is awarded each year. He was my grandfather!! Small world!!
    How strange about your phone. All those numbers...lost??
    Take care

  3. This looks like an ideal art project to me, but then "detritus" is my middle name. Don't worry too much about that dementia. Sounds just about normal to me! : )

  4. Oh. There is definitely some humor in this for the reader, if not for you.

    Maybe you will find humor in knowing that my "home" phone is a rotary style land line telephone that has been mine for many decades. It works beautifully! Even functioned here in NYC immediately after that tragic day of September 11, 2001.

    I do have a rather dinky cheapo cell phone that I take with me when on various trips outside the city. It is okay, but definitely no substitute for old faithful.


  5. oH those 'senior' moments - I know them well!!! I blame it on the amount of stuff we have to keep track of these days - not just information (as if that isn't enough!) but things too!!! You sound really busy so hope you manage to enjoy some of these glorious summer days too Ann!

  6. Can you just check that Polly's phone sit with it...she has lost her old one which we need becasue Pete's has for loesing things...I wish I had a fiver for every time my other half loses his phone, keys glasses..............

  7. Isn't it annoying when things go missing?
    I don't use a mobile phone luckily, it would be one more thing to keep track of. Can only just cope with glasses and keys!

  8. It happens to the best of us!

  9. Thank you all for your comments - we are just off to Malvern again for the next Show and I have my new mobile on a little stand so I can't lose it (!!???) It reminds me of the day we were preparing to go to the last Show when I mislaid the original. The parts I eventually found are now on their way to Jeanne in Oregon who is going to create some amazing art with them. I hope she will post what she makes and the story behind what she creates. Love to everyone - I haven't been blogging much lately. Ann.

  10. I know just what you mean about losing things. Mostly I am quite efficient but every now and then I have moments of breathtaking incompetence. I have just retrieved my expensive and much loved Felco secateurs from the compost heap, again.

  11. I hid my daughter's cell phone before we went to Guatemala because she was naughty! Now 2 weeks later I cannot find it! at least my desk is getting clean.But I fear I may have to buy her a new phone. I have one more day to look for it. I found your blog because I goggled" where did I put my phone?"

  12. I've often dropped my mobile while it's in my pocket; it simply slips out and crashes to the ground, (once ended in a repair job). I have the problem with remembering where I've put things so I know how you feel; it's very frustrating trying to go over your steps again.