Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Father's Day Football

Grandma's unladylike behaviour!

We were returning on Sunday (Father's Day) from Malvern, yet again; this time from the 'Three Counties Show' - farming and the countryside, both of which are fast disappearing or becoming so sanitized as to be a joke, and an immeasurable sadness. Three days of interviewing and photography, camping in the lee of the magical Malvern Hills, wondering what it must have been like thousand of years ago to have lived under the stars and gazed at night into a dark void - England and the Severn Valley to the east and distant Wales to the west. Not a pinprick of light all those centuries ago, though that mattered less perhaps on the night of the summer solstice.

Driving home, bemused from the twelve-hour days, I take a call from our daughter on my new mobile (not lost yet!) inviting us to a father's day tea with her and our son-in-law and their three children. What was not made clear was that we were to participate in a family football (soccer) match - all except Grandpa who was to be official photographer and maintain pitch discipline.

That left six of us, two teams: I was on 7-year-old D's side and told by him that I was to be striker and to SCORE GOALS. Not a chance; this 71-year-old body creaks and groans with age. Entering into the spirit of things, as one must for one's grandchildren, I feebly kicked the ball off the pitch, or hit the goal posts. And then second wind; a GOAL! And another; five in all. I am afraid I became most unladylike, punching the air and shrieking "YES!!" with great fervour as each ball rocketed into the net. In my younger days I would have cartwheeled across the lawn, or attempted a back-flip. How mad can you get? I slept like the proverbial log but oh golly, was I stiff next morning.

Meanwhile, I again apologise for my lack of posts, and paucity of comments on the blogs of my kind followers. Such a fraught time at present, upon which I will report in due course. The football shenanigans were as a breath of fresh air. I wonder what July 5th holds in store - a village picnic to which the family are coming; we personally will celebrate 40 years of living in our beloved house which we have painstakingly renovated; though there is still so much to do. Football on the Village Green is likely, but I will leave all that to the young ones, and sit beneath the chestnut tree opposite our house, eat salad from the garden, and cheese, and sip a glass or two of cold white wine. And reminisce.

our house in June 1969, just purchased at auction


  1. I love the unladylike behaviour of Grandma! You look happy, and there's not enough of that in the world anyway. Cheers, Jeanne

  2. Grannies are allowed to grow old disgracefully... or they should be. Sadly I am not blessed with offspring with a partner who possesses a sense of humour, or an appreciation for handmade things so hardly surprising I now take a back seat. But love to hear how others embarrass their offspring!

  3. Grandma needs to wear purple and spit a lot more xx

  4. Hello there!

    So very glad you stopped by my blog, and thank you for the lovely comment - hope you find time to try the pattern out when you get a chance, feel free to tweak it, its one of those you can fiddle about with once you've got the hang of it!

    I really like your blog, especially enjoyed the post about the letter artist and the fabric books!

    See you soon
    Julia xxx

  5. Way to go grandma.. showed them young'un's that you could still play a good game..

  6. That is absolutely Grandma behavior - or should be!!!! :) Way to go!!!

    Your home is gorgeous!! I live in a very old home - well old for an American house (160yrs).

    We visited England many years ago, and I was in awe of all the history. Buildings still standing that were built before anyone even knew about America. I do so want to go back.


  7. So glad you are growing old disgracefully Ann!!! And that's what grandchildren are for - to guide the way!!! I love it when you talk about the Malvern Hills as it brings back such happy childhood memories!

  8. What a wonderful picture of you Ann...I want to be playing football and scoring goals at 71...every blessing helen

  9. you have a smart picture, good blog.