Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The colour blue ....

Paintbox of Spring

Wild cherry trees in woodland
     on the Shipston road
     bloom white as long-forgotten snow
Pristine, pure and virginal.
So many shades of muted colour
     in the bank of trees
     as I contemplate
     the mundane task of shopping
     driving to town and back
     ‘writing’ in my mind
Golden hedgerow willow
Lime-green of poplar
Misty pink of larch, emerging,
Crimson copper beech, and
Deep hooker’s green of pines
     spearing the skyline,
     row upon row of them.
Dark indigo shadows between
     still bare branches of oak and ash
     pale sea-foam of lichen on gnarled limbs.
A paintbox palette.
Blue? Back in my garden, beneath
     the plum trees, a blue so rich
I want to hold it in my hands
– grape hyacinths, of a sort –
I kneel to capture an image,
     low-level; a miniature beauty.
My watercolour Spring.

asm 8th April, 2009

I am almost back to normal - feel so much better; have had time (a little) to myself, and tomorrow go for a check-up with my dear doctor. Until then, and a longer post, I am going to indulge in a 'catching up' of all the blogs I have missed. Thankyou to everyone who sent me good wishes, and to new followers to whom I should have sent a welcoming email.

Easter Greetings to everyone - here is my basket of  'napkin collage' eggs about which I wrote in my journaling blog two months ago. The article on their creation has now appeared (in 'Organic Garden & Home' magazine), along with my article on 'Wild Greens'. The eggs now await a 'Good Friday Grandchildren Hunt' around the house and garden. What larks!


  1. I have just been catching up reading your blog.
    A lovely post. Beautiful grape hyacinths, mine are out too.
    Those eggs are also beautiful, what lucky grandchildren.
    Sorry to hear you have been poorly but glad you are feeling better.

  2. Enjoy the Easter Eggs Hunt. Take a day at a time and everything will get done. I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed. xx

  3. Love the photos and the eggs, not much of that going on here. I'm glad you're feeling better but best to get checked over.
    Have you looked at the orchids on my blog, thay are stunning at this time of year?

  4. as always you inspire me but as I am at the airport waiting to go to venice cant get the napkins and glue out...lots of love H

  5. Enjoy your Easter Ann. Glad to hear your feeling better. Take care and don't over do.

  6. oh my gosh, those eggs are just beautiful, I will have to follow your links and explore.

  7. a lovely poem Ann, but the eggs! I just love the eggs! Happy Easter!