Friday, 13 March 2009

An embryonic 'writing moment', and more ....

It has been such a slog of a week, with magazine deadlines and unexpected happenings; a visit from Raymond's sister and brother in law just as I was completing a must-catch-the-post-today article (good thing I had the wherewithal to throw together a speedy lunch for them); phone calls from long-lost relations and friends; a dash to find Raymond some shoes as the soles of his gardening pair had parted company with the uppers and he was walking around with wet feet - all adding to the happiness of the week (not the wet feet!), but time-consuming nevertheless. 

And then last night when I was posting my delight at another day away a week after the last, I totally screwed up what I was doing, lost the text and had to delete the remaining gobbledegook. And here was I thinking a few weeks back that I could master HTML !!!  So back to where I was last evening, wondering this time how to recapture the photos I uploaded, and determined to GET THIS RIGHT.

Last night's abortive post: "I find myself quite by chance (!) in another cafe, with a little time to spare, but a disinclination to write. Which is silly, for how often do I crave time away, and now when the opportunity is there, I sit and stare into space. I am exhausted ... a late night writing until 23.00 hours and I am awake very early so I can sit in bed enjoying the sunshine on the far hills, as seen from our bedroom window, whilst I undertake necessary research before setting off for Birmingham and another two exhibitions at the NEC (National Exhibition Centre) just over an hour's drive away. These were related public shows, 'Hobbycrafts' and 'Sewing for Pleasure', which I needed to attend for more press contacts, and a sort of spending spree - necessary craft replenishments, and a treat or two. For exercise, I walked the ten minutes from the car park to the exhibition hall, rather than take the free courtesy bus, and back again after 3 hours on my feet dawdling past and reviewing every stall, and doing a little purchasing.

So here I am now, in a garden-centre cafe which I drive past on the way home, drinking tea; relaxing; I am not expected home for a while so feel at ease with myself. It does not take long for words to flow. How pleased I am that I stayed up late so I could take the day off today. I met some interesting people, watched some fascinating techniques which I would love to try, and bought some new supplies. I was captivated by the materials being used by Kim Thittichai and just managed to resist buying her beautiful book 'Hot Textiles: Inspiration and Techniques with Heat Tools' as I have too much happening at the moment to tackle anything new. It's on my list nevertheless! 

But what I think I admired most were the various student exhibits; such gifted work and so many ingenious ideas. I particularly loved an assemblage by one young student, set within a viola case; not a very good photo as it was taken under artificial light through the glass of the display case:

But the display that captivated me most was that of the Yorkshire Coast College which offers a BA (Hons) course in costume design, construction and textile integration. I was so carried away by the stunning display of 16th century theatrical replicas that I omitted to take any photos. One dress particularly: made entirely of distressed calico and muslin, you would think it had been made from the finest silk and lace. It was the work of just one of the YCC's exceptional graduates, Julia Knatchbull-Hugessen; her professional career is sure to blossom in theatre, films and TV, and deservedly so. A name to watch."

So my embryonic writing moment became reality, and as so often happens when I put pen to paper, the ink records what is in my head. I am so relieved I did write, for on reflection and in so doing, I have captured a moment that was for me truly special. After all these many years, I still come back to theatre.


  1. LOL I consider Friday 13th as my lucky day because my first child and last child was born on Friday 13th and their both wonderful adults.
    You are one busy lady.. I do believe you could run circles around me.
    I am in awe of that violin case with the little fellers in it.. oh my but I'd love to make something like that.

  2. what a truly lovely post Ann - I so much enjoyed reading it. I love the theatre too and am always attracted to artist's work that includes textiles and construction. I was not able to resist the book you mention and bought it a couple of weeks ago - not managed to get time to open it yet but it's there waiting ! Thank you for sharing your adventures and I really admire your perseverance with technology!

  3. The thought of having tea is really quite wonderful, for you have so educated us to its joys. So I am glad you had the chance to do so. And look, you have the pictures the way you want. So you continue to make great progress!! B

  4. as always, a very interesting read - what did you do in theatre?

  5. what better place to come back to ...the love of my life...the theatre..we are going to see Knee High on thursday...I just cant wiat I adore their work...have you ever seen them ...they come from your neck of the woods????

  6. wonderful violin case art and the costumes sound delicious. Good to sit and have tea now and then without needing to do something in addition. Still, sounds like a furiously busy time for you. YOu do more in a week than I do in a month. Be well, Suki

  7. Thankyou all for your comments. Pat aka Posh - yes the viola case (larger than a violin so more recess space) was just lovely; Rambling Rose - so many gorgeous books to tempt and beguile us, I have a stck I am working through; makehasteslowly - tea is a necessary meal for us between lunch and supper, or a delectable beverage first thing in the morning or when out and about (could be coffee but that doesn't suit all stomachs); coca and blankets - haven't heard of Knee High but I will research same; sukipoet - it's always furiously busy here, I can't remember when it wasn't! and Jeane - what did I do in theatre? Have you an hour or two to spare ... began in earnest when I was 12 or so, though actually long before then with little cardboard theatres; then onto Leeds Children's Theatre in the early 1950s (a rep company of adults and children playing basically children-orientated productions), simultaneously writing my own plays and producing them (age 14/15), then college (stage-management and production side) and a teaching degree in speech and drama ... and then using drama as therapy for deprived children, and then to a publishing company with my husband, and everything theatrical became part and parcel of all I do now, so many years later. Hope I don't bore you.

  8. I love your writing. The violin case is adorable.

  9. I wish I could have the inspiration to make something so original, but I am best copying other things . . . apart from writing that is. Glad you enjoyed your day out and could put pen to paper because of it.