Thursday, 12 February 2009

Sanity partly returns

It's good to be back in the fold, shattered but still compos mentis, more or less. I have tried to keep up with reading everyone's blogs in the evenings, but honestly did not have the energy to respond. I missed the camaraderie; it's as if I have been imprisoned! This morning I awoke refreshed - no nightmares disturbed my sleep; I am ready to brave the world again.

Describe the day: crisp, frosty, sunny; snow still lying on the ground, ice on the path and outside our door. Snowdrops in flower, poking through the snow-covering, white against white, so you hardly notice them.

I make my living from writing, not art, so visual creativity always takes a back-seat, but claws at my soul. I must DO it, not read about it and make notes. Daily writing is never a problem (my five-finger warm up exercises), but art ??? Writing alone does not console me, and I know daily art would. One quick solution – do the load of waiting washing which gives me the excuse to tidy a bit of workspace on my little art-table in the laundry room, whilst the machine is running. Doing homely things might move me forward anyway, from the gloom of the past four days – my computer crash. Raymond and I have spent eight hours a day working on this, apart from one when we drove for an hour and a half to our Apple Mac computer specialist to purchase a portable hard drive onto which I have downloaded all my files, from two hard drives. I can access the computer again, but in a very old operating system and re-upgrading is proving a problem. Until I do, some of my programs will not run, nor my peripherals, and I appear to have lost my email addresses and all recent emails. But what is this to other troubles in the world? A mere nothing; an aggravation. I try to be philosophical, and almost succeed.

A calming influence has been the wild birds. I could spend hours observing them, noting their movement and behaviour, their individual markings. Over lunch, I watched the antics of a fat woodpigeon trying to pluck ivy berries from the spray he lands on. The ivy twines around the trunk of a willow opposite our window, but in its adult form; after climbing to a certain height, it branches out umbrella-like (even the adult ivy leaf is differently shaped to its juvenile foliage). The further the pigeon leans down to reach the berries, the more the spray droops until eventually the pigeon tumbles, flaps its wings and descends to another branch. You can see that he or she has eaten all within reach, spray by spray, yet the bird is optimistic; or just exceptionally hungry.

Pics show a clump of snowdrops from our garden (taken last year), a sketch of a wood pigeon executed about three years ago by our eldest grandchild, Sophie (then aged about 11), and a sketch I did some long while back of ivy leaves: the one on the left was a trial in using water colour in layers (no preliminary drawing), whilst the one on the right was an ink-pen sketch, touched in with paint.


  1. Glad your computer is working again. Even if not up to par. Writing and artmaking. So similar in some ways, yet using different parts of the brain I think at times. I can no longer write at all, or nothing much beyond my blog. Whereas at one time I wrote pages and pages. Lovely snowdrops. Be well, Suki

  2. How wonderful to see snowdrops! Lovely that you're back here again! Computers!!!!!

  3. welcome back! Whenever my computer/email/cellphone, etc., go down, i think of it as going back to 1987 and start looking for shoulder pads.
    Nice to see some blossoms. alicia

  4. Good that all is well again and thank you for your visit.
    It is extraordinary this world of ours yours in the cold and slush and here with the sun tempered by all the smoke in the air. It is a really earie sunshine a real portent of dreadful promise.

  5. I used to draw too - before children came along and stole my time! I would love to get back to it. At the moment the camera is my pencil . . .

  6. Ah yes, computers! I think that is all we have to say to one another/other people and they immediately nod their head in agreement. ;) And weather too, I suppose. Now, love.....*sigh* what do they say? 'A splendid thing'? -something like that. It is one of the purest and most powerful things, though, I believe. I enjoyed your photos here! Hope your having a great day today. Love snowdrops too. xoxo seashell