Tuesday, 3 February 2009

My calm returns

After my outburst yesterday of London's close-down (there was an obscure reason for my outpouring), this morning the sunlight on the tree outside our window inspired one of those 'poetry moments': February 2009 snow, rather than January 1997. Penned in an instant, then away to our local town to replenish food-stocks and make one of those naughty 'artist date' purchases, or rather, TWO - do I really need yet more napkins for journal projects? Of course I do (and the spray of chrome-yellow artificial forsythia will be perfect for the cover of a spring nature diary, started but not finished - I've been looking for some since this time last year). How I use these purchases will be listed eventually in my 'Journaling the Journal' blog.

It isn't the depth of snow here causing problems, but the iciness and reckless driving on narrow country lanes. But all was calm, and we stopped on the way back to take photos. No-one in sight, the trees in the very old woodland caked with snow in their lower branches, snowy fields to the far high horizon, and in a fold in the hills, our village, nestling almost unseen. Double-click on any image to view it at a larger size.

February Snow

Golden, the bare chestnut tree
outside our bedroom window
in the morning light
Snow slip-sliding
off the winter branches
Sky the palest azure
Roads quiet, house warm
words flow
Calm of mind returns
I am myself again.

asm 03.02.2009


  1. Lovely to know you are centred in your world again - sometimes the outside world can intrude and really shake you off balance! The journal sounds exciting - a yellow day for you then!

  2. London's snowstorm did get some air play on CNN but at least it's respectable coverage and seemingly serious snow. Whenever Atlanta gets an inch all hell breaks loose and one can hear the Yankees laughing.

    I liked the poetry of your last paragraph, especially the image of a village tucked into a fold.
    another image from a previous post also struck me: "..a robin in mid-hover..." i'm often indecisive and wondered if the bird was as well.
    thanks for the images.

  3. Hmm, hello. I loved visiting, I'll come back soon. Beautiful words and photograghs.

  4. Lovely, poetry is so special.