Thursday, 5 February 2009

I've been tagged !

Rosie (a Rambling Rose) tagged me, along with three other bloggers. The tag was to choose the 4th photo from the 4th picture file on my computer, post it and then choose 4 fellow bloggers to do the same...

My photos are on two computers and in a whole range of folders, but I went for the folders associated with my blogging activities. The 4th pic in the 4th picture file (which incidentally was also in the fourth sub-folder) I call 'secret valley'. It is only ten minutes walk from our home, you climb over a gate into a field and follow the stream down between two folds in the hills. This stream - eventually - leads to a river, which runs into another river, and another (the River Severn) and emerges into the Bristol Channel and the Atlantic Ocean.

Now to pass on the tag: I invite 

Suki (sukipoet), 

Toni (a Spattering), 

Cait (Cait O'Connor)  

Jude (Cariad in Crete). 

I look forward to seeing your 4th of the 4th - and thankyou Rosie for asking me to participate. This was fun.


  1. Well Ann at least this is an easy tag. I'll play along soon

  2. I love your description of your secret valley

  3. A beautiful "wild" place, so perfectly suited to you, Wild Somerset Child. What wonderful pondering could be done in this secret valley.

  4. We will walk down there Kristi, when you and Bill come over to stay in the Summer; there was once a circular walk that one could take, but I think the plank bridge across the stream fell in long ago, and it's too wide to jump. A.

  5. Secret valley - looks like your sort of place!!! Thank you for playing!