Monday, 16 February 2009

The Greening of the Day

We can see grass again! The snow has gone, except where it lies still melting  under the hedgerows up on the high hills. The garden is coming alive, chrome-yellow of dogwood (Cornus mas) on the farm boundary, soon to be pale lemon starbursts; snowdrops, somewhat dishevelled; woodland lime-green hellebore and a deep smokey-blue variety in a tub by the back-door - they hang their heads shamefully and you have to gently turn their faces to see the stamens, when they should be saying, "look at me!" Polyanthus and primrose flourish demurely in terracotta pots; the first fat buds are already tinged with coral-pink on the japonica. All beguile me.

And oh, a breath of Spring-to-come - the first delicate species-crocus has erupted overnight through the grass under the damson tree: a tiny amethyst torch to light the 'plum patch'. The fragile petals will open in the sunshine, revealing stamens of such bright orange you would think they were on fire. They will flame 'ere long; and they do so in a few hours, a little clump of them seeking the sun, and closing again at dusk. They have multiplied over the years and appear in strange places. Every day now will bring new wonders.

(All this should have been posted in my 'garden blog' or 'Notes from a Cotswold Garden' but I did so want to share this 'day of greening' and it will be a while before they appear on my website as I first have to paste the text into my electronic diary, and then assemble them in a page layout, and then publish the complete page.)

Meanwhile, we have a busy week ahead of us, attending a trade craft show and one for the travel industry. Thankyou to everyone who has visited my blogs over the last few days; thankyou for your kind and wonderful comments - they are all so very much appreciated.


  1. Beautiful flowers.. I was outside today working on my compost and I didn't see anything starting to turn green yet but if it continues to stay this warm I'm sure it will soon... least I hope so.. I'm more then ready for spring and planting.

  2. It is glorious to see these signs of spring. Far far from spring here. Thanks for posting them. Have a fun time this weekend. (We expect some snow!)

  3. Beautiful photos, so delicate those little crocus! Enjoy your upcoming plans. :) Oh, isn't it exciting to see signs of Spring! Thanks to you for posting yet another divine blog. Your a very talented Lady. Hugs from me seashell. xxx

  4. Hello,
    I have just found you via hens teeth.
    I live in warwickshire too.
    So lovely to see spring flowers so soon after the snow.

  5. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I did enjoy this post, both of which has cheered me no end.

  6. Somerset Child, thank you for visiting my blog and let me say how happy I am that you did! I'm so pleased to know you, and I see that Sukipoet is a visitor here, too. I just peeked at your other blog and I know I will surely be a regular visitor there, as well.

    Lovely to see your spring flowers. Ours should be along soon.

  7. What beautiful post - spring has really felt like it's just over my shoulder these past two days and we've been able to have the front door wide open again. I've seen the first wild celendines and primroses on a sunny bank down by the A40. my hellebore is nearly out too (dusky flowers).