Saturday, 7 February 2009

Freeze and Thaw and Freeze

It's been an in-limbo sort of day, the snow thawing fast but freezing in huge deep ruts on the road at night, then bright sunshine next morning. Despite the lack of vehicular traffic, there has been much village camaraderie over the last few days; you meet more people when you have to walk everywhere. Last night was a 'girly evening' in support of the local Home Carers; bring-and-share pizza for 25 of us in a friend's house (all the men stayed at home or went to the pub). I couldn't get out of the village to buy  a pizza so made one at the last minute: 'Pizza Calzone' which is more like a pie than a flat open pizza, and delicious. I hadn't made it before and had to ring my daughter for guidance, as it was she who gave me the recipe. We first discovered it together in a little village on the shores of Wolfgansee not far from Salzburg in Austria, in a cafe run by an Italian.  

Trudged back home in the moonlight after the pizza-party VERY late through 8"-deep snow-crust after much candlelit chat, pizza, salad  and wine, and slept like a log.

Awoke to a marvellous still morning, a snowy scene, and still no traffic. Flocks of fieldfares wheeling aimlessly in search of food, which will be all but impossible to find with everywhere snow-covered and all berries gone, save ivy, which only the wood-pigeons seem to eat. A late and lazy breakfast then another village 'do', in the church-cum-village-hall, to discuss the Parish Plan - how we as residents view our village; it's shortcomings, what is needed, what is disliked, what should we do, and so on. Very democratic, allowing those of us who took the trouble to attend to have our say. 

Back home after two hours to tidy up the mess I had created this last week making art in our living room (the warmest place in the house); but I had to first snap more snow pics (I won't trouble you with those) but did love the icicles: "When icicles hang by the wall ..." as Shakespeare wrote; it always used to make me shiver with cold when I read that, particularly the thought of the frozen milk, though in my youth it WAS delivered in a pail, even in the city.

"WHEN icicles hang by the wall
And Dick the shepherd blows his nail,
And Tom bears logs into the hall,
And milk comes frozen home in pail."

.... and so on, sixteen lines in all. But it was fascinating to watch the icicles grow visibly as melting snow from the roof dripped down them; and alongside, mini-avalanches sliding off the barn roof. With -4C forecast for tonight, it will be interesting to watch the icicles' progress come morning. Will they touch the tiles in the valley between the dormers?


  1. Your pizza evening sounded good and the walk back in the snow. I make a 'scone' pizza sometimes - a Delia Smith recipe,it's delicious.
    I have already done the fourth picture meme but thank you for asking me.

  2. Your writing is so descriptive--I'm almost there in England with you...(wish I was there, actually)! Wow, people there care about their own community. We kinda do here, but not really. Only if it's convenient.

  3. Isn't it nice that the snow has built the camaraderie?

  4. you paint a lovely picture of your village, like a barbara Pym novel or a British TV show village.