Friday, 6 February 2009

Early on - a white-out morning

7.30 am - the chestnut tree I am 'cataloguing' throughout the seasons

Snow is falling again, driving down from the north, falling onto an already snowy landscape. The branches of the chestnut tree outside our window act as a snow-catcher, snow falling on snow. It's a complete white-out, the distant woods and hills on the horizon totally obliterated, the trees on the far side of the village green (less than 125 yards) just appear, as if seen through gauze. It is so beautiful, so quiet, as the flakes dance downwards past our bedroom window; a white and soft grey world with only the sound of an aircraft passing high overhead to disturb the stillness. 

For anyone who is following my 'Notes from a Cotswold Garden' on my website, I have added two pages, one covers a bit of background to our old farmhouse, the next are diary notes from the last three days. Just click on the link above, and scroll down until you reach pages two and three. Please feel free to leave any comments on this blog, as I haven't yet sorted how to leave comments on my website! All in good time, when I have a moment. 


  1. I hope when we are moved to Morganton, we will have more snows. The quiet and beauty as you describe, is something we too rarely experience here in Columbia.

  2. it's beautiful. Looks like sugar and so heavy and thick. i'm recalling my youth up north when the darkness and weight under a tree that heavily covered felt almost warm. i'm recalling the deep wet smell.
    Growing up in a city meant virgin snow didn't stay virgin for long. our pleasures were creating giant lengths of forts and caves made thanks to NYC sanitation trucks that pushed the snow to either side of the street (effectively killing off critical parking spots!) but how fun it was.