Wednesday, 7 January 2009

A brave new year

I have spent the whole of December 2008 and the first week of January 2009 working on my website and website blog. Do, please, visit that as well: 

My website didn't really seem appropriate for all the varied activities in which I involve myself, and meanwhile, I was not getting to grips with the intricacies of my 'blogger' site; haven't posted anything since my first entry!

So I have now decided that the subject matter of each blog-site needs separating. So this 'wild somerset child' blog will basically follow my creative interests, whilst those of my website will be devoted to my writing, gardening, natural history and travel - though all these topics are interlinked with the creativity I attempt; any one sparks activities in another; keeping them both updated will be another matter entirely!

I have come to blogging very late in life and am finding it so comforting to follow the posts and dreams of so many gifted people. Writing and art are such solitary activities. It's as if someone was throwing me a lifeline; to realise that I am not the only one who agonises over new year resolutions and makes lists of things to be done every year, a tally of one's hopes and dreams. So to all whose blogs I have been following since I discovered this camaderie of artistic beings - a belated 'happy new year' , and thankyou. You all keep my head above water and for the first time for over two months I have been able to spend four days 'playing art'. For me that is MAGIC!


  1. Happy New Years to you too! It is nice to know that there are a bunch of kindred spirits out there.

    Love the photo.

  2. Thankyou - I would really like to embed that photo in wax. At present I am playing with the image transferred onto muslin then mounted over a mottled acrylic background.

  3. Hi, I am here from Brigette's blog - this is a fabulous and supportive community - welcome to blogland - looking forward to your contributions.