Thursday, 24 April 2014

My online diary - week four

It's been an exciting week
Back from a week's holiday (without WiFi), I was able to prepare these pages, though could not check an internet setting that I wanted to include (I've added a link to my Twitter account.)

I've been playing!
Now I'm back working, gardening, house-sorting - and full speed ahead with two summer exhibitions. My next 'offering' maybe shorter, maybe not. But I hope you enjoy this week's anyway, all created on my new laptop with updated software (learning fast!)

Sunday, 13 April 2014

My Online Diary - week three

Welcome back - and hello to anyone viewing this online diary for the first time. (Click on the page image and it will enlarge to a readable size.) I do so hope you enjoy reading what I have been up to. Although there are always plans for the week, activities rarely work out as intended!

Next week is scheduled to be even busier ….. and my fourth online diary will be delayed. So sorry - and please leave a comment if you feel you would like to, or even start following the Blog if you don't already do so.

Monday, 7 April 2014

My Online Diary - week two

I had a couple of hours spare at the end of this afternoon, and realised that it was time to post the second 'issue' of my new online diary/journal. It has been very well received and for that I am grateful; so thank you to those who have posted comments, and to everyone who has obviously looked at it. The stats tell me that, though they don't reveal whether visitors have actually READ the two pages, or just clicked on the  images. If you looked but realised you couldn't read the tiny print, all you have to do is to click on each page and you will see it at enlarged size.

I began this second post the day after I had published the last one, and then things got out of hand and today was the first time I when I could again settle down to what I had wanted to say. There's plenty more, but I think two pages is sufficient; just enough to keep it ticking over. There is likely to be a delay before the next edition, as my usual commissioned blogs have to be produced around the time of the RHS Cardiff Flower Show. So please don't think I have forgotten!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

My New Online Diary

I've been absent from this, the first of all my blogs ever to have been created, and am currently exploring new online techniques. The content of the next two 'pages' describe what I have today decided to create - an occasional online journal. Technology is for ever-changing and as yet, I have to discover where and how I will actually publish it online. So for the moment, the first two pages appear below, and my apologies if you can't read it very well. It's good to be back in my  'wild somerset child' mode.

Any comments or suggestions will be most welcome. Thankyou. Ann xx

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Drumming up support

A love of writing which began in childhood
is just as strong today
I am overwhelmed as I was told this afternoon that out of 130 entrants, I have been selected as one of ten finalists in the first RHS Blog Writing Competition. (RHS = Royal Horticultural Society)

IT'S NOW DOWN TO A PUBLIC VOTE. The entry gaining the highest number of votes will win and I am drumming up support. If you haven't seen my 'Falling in Love' story on one of my other blogs (Grandma's Gardening Notes), do please take a look as it is my personal story, as related to plants and gardens, and a whole lot more. Here's the link: - if you like it, please,  please vote for me. And please share it with your friends and family if you think they would like it too; it was written from the heart. xx

P.S. Instructions for voting are given at the end of the 'Falling in Love'  post.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Wabi-Sabi moment

My newly created page, which I hope is self-explanatory;
it follows my note in Facebook to 'watch this space'
-and then I could not find a way to add a link.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Resurrection ...

In my element: on my travels with time to write and sketch
I last posted on this, the most personal of my blogs, seven months ago - on 14th February. Since then, a whole Spring and Summer have somehow passed me by. It has been a fraught time, a life I have not felt able to share though alluded to occasionally elsewhere. Where did the wild child go? 

Dancing in  my mind ...
She struggled; events became overwhelming, tumbling one over another in a frightening whirlwind. Even breathing seemed impossible. Well, hopefully she now has  it cracked. I am not ashamed to outline the solution. For 'WSC' is of course ME., and always has been.

Feeling spiky !

The cause of my inability to function: three years of RQ's health problems led to those of my own and a summer when I became increasingly unwell. Nothing physical it transpired after tests and repeated visits to our excellent doctor. In the end, she referred me to a consultant to sort my mental state. There, I've said it. Mental. Had it affected my professional commissions I would have been hesitant to comment; it didn't - everything just took me longer, and with a heavy heart.

Sitting on my consultant's table was a perfect starry allium seed head,
just like this which I grew in my potager.
The consultant was brilliant and set me on a road to recovery in just six weeks. I will never forget the sessions sitting in her beautiful consulting room, talking, as she gently released me from my fears and worries. There have been setbacks, as long ago as last week in Brittany; but at least I now know how to cope. And how to pace myself. The consultant's aim was to make herself redundant, allowing me to sort the problem in my own mind. A mind which is functioning clearly again.

Eight months on and the kitchen is gradually returning to normal
(and the painting was gifted to us by the artist, a fellow aviator at
Blackbushe where RQ and I learned to fly in the mid-'70s on this aircraft)
Strangely, the creative muse never left me which was such a relief, though everything else has suffered. But today I began the reclamation of the kitchen. RQ still on his knees polishing the floor, whilst I washed glass and crockery and started to put the larder back together. The forgotten garden is another matter; brambles have rampaged through all my overgrown beds, and vegetables sown in March have gone the way of all neglected produce.

One of the slides I have prepared for my forthcoming presentation
I have new goals, and further directions to explore. Not all will be achieved and plans will surely change. But I truly hope that others who may feel they have somehow reached the end of the road and strangulation point can take heart from my experience, and the good fortune to encounter a consultant as helpful as I had. Updates on my activities will appear on my various blogs, according to the topic. Right now, I have a month to prepare a public slide presentation on 'My Stitching Story' - a new challenge; I have never done this before and haven't even yet switched on my new projector !!

In the garden today:
a rain-drop bejewelled spider's web
See you next time - here, or on one of my other Blogs. (And it's Friday 13th ... I don't think I am superstitious, but am now not sure whether I should be posting this 'confession'.)